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Moore Public Schools The previous facility was built in 1984 by an Oklahoma City company, RGDC. It had a central building as well as separate buildings for classrooms, storage, and multipurpose functions. RGDC later experienced scandal in 1996 after issues in the construction of the Oklahoma County Jail were exposed. A team from the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Structural Engineering Institute (ASCE-SEI) examined the debris after the 2013 tornado. A civil engineer who serves as an associate professor and as the director of the Donald G. Fears Structural Engineering Lab at the University of Oklahoma, Chris Ramseyer, was one of the authors of the ASCE-SEI report. Ramseyer stated that the school had code violations and issues with its construction. Issues cited included rebar that was too short and insufficient steel in masonry walls. The current building, with a cost of $12 million, opened in 2014. It has designated safe rooms so children can avoid injury during a tornado. Funded by insurance coverage, it was built with a similar size as the previous building.