Top 10 similar words or synonyms for revelled

indulges    0.665045

indulged    0.633239

reveling    0.631892

forsakes    0.628108

delighting    0.625295

relished    0.624883

astonishes    0.624539

disdains    0.609184

regaled    0.607022

exults    0.604978

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for revelled

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Article Example
Dorothy Wyatt Wyatt revelled in a quirky and offbeat public image, once telling a reporter that she hoped to be classified "as a freak, I suppose".
The Newcastle Eccentrics of the 19th century He was vain in so far as he revelled in being treated royally, and would talk freely about his friends Sir Matthew Ridley and Charles Brandling.
Edmond Cotter Cotter represented the RMA at association football, before joining the Royal Engineers. Cotter played as a forward and "revelled in rushes and scrimmages".
Henry Surtees Surtees competed in one race meeting during the 2008 season, in the final two races at Donington Park for Carlin Motorsport. Surtees revelled with a win and a second in his two races in the National Class.
In the Shadow of the Sun (album) Simon Ford, author of the Throbbing Gristle biography "Wreckers of Civilisation: The Story of COUM Transmissions & Throbbing Gristle", opined that both the movie and its accompanying soundtrack "revelled in distortion, chance and formlessness."
George W. Cotton He it was who trod that broader path of humanity, revelled in those broader views that teach us there is a temporal as well as a spiritual side to questions concerning man's salvation...
Canadian humour Other shows, such as "The Kids in the Hall", "4 on the Floor", "Bizarre" and "Puppets Who Kill", revelled in absurdist humour, making household names out of characters such as Chicken Lady, Mr. Canoehead and Super Dave Osborne.
Mino da Fiesole Art historians have revelled in the extraordinary diversity of contemporary and ancient sources that Mino marshaled in these tombs, which distinguish him from other sculptors active in mid quattrocento Florence (Zuraw 1998).
Actual infinity Owing to the gigantic simultaneous efforts of Frege, Dedekind and Cantor, the infinite was set on a throne and revelled in its total triumph. In its daring flight the infinite reached dizzying heights of success. (D. Hilbert [6, p. 169])
Cymreigyddion Society The Society was (like the Gwyneddigion) anti-Methodist, and revelled in the disgrace of the preacher Edward "Ginshop" Jones, sued in a breach of promise case in 1801: it published a 24-page booklet containing the texts of Jones's love-letters, which had been read out in court, and a ribald ballad about the affair by Glan-y-gors.