Top 10 similar words or synonyms for relleno

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for relleno

Article Example
Rocoto relleno The rocoto relleno is generally prepared by stuffing the rocotos with an ideal beef-mix and then topped with cheese. Then it is put inside the oven with tomato sauce and served whole with baked potatoes or salad.
Rocoto relleno Preparation of the rocotos: First the upper parts of the rocotos are cut off and seeds are removed. The rocotos are then cooked in water with salt and vinegar.
Chile relleno In the United States, chiles rellenos are usually filled with asadero, asiago, or Monterey Jack cheese, but can also be found with cheddar or other cheeses. The chile is then dipped in an egg batter and either pan-fried or deep-fried. Variations include pecan-encrusted and crab-filled. Chiles rellenos are a popular cuisine in the state of New Mexico, where the Hatch chile is revered for its slender (rather than round) shape and medium-to-hot flavor. In the US, rellenos are typically served with red or green chile sauce or mole.
Chile relleno A recipe from 1914 (as "chili reinas") is published in a period guidebook to San Francisco restaurants.
Rocoto relleno Preparation of the stuffing: Chopped beef and pork are mixed with a seasoning made of margarine, ground garlic, onion, and aji panca paste. The beef-mix is then mixed with pecans, flour, stock and cream and then fried in olive oil with tomato sauce and wine.