Top 10 similar words or synonyms for reinvigorated

revitalized    0.750070

invigorated    0.724169

revitalised    0.700070

stifled    0.685973

nurtured    0.613790

rekindled    0.600158

reinvented    0.575728

epitomized    0.563744

presaged    0.561903

epitomised    0.559987

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for reinvigorated

Article Example
Bartella It's unknown when this church was first built, however, it was reinvigorated for the first time in 1807, It was rebuilt again completely in 1869, and It was reinvigorated again in 1971.
Suspect (1987 film) Riley ends up reinvigorated in her job and in a relationship with Sanger.
Beenleigh Rum Stuart Gilbert reinvigorated the brand in 2000 when he purchased the trademark and partnered with
Charles Fitch In August 1844, Samuel S. Snow reinvigorated the Millerite movement by predicting that Jesus would come on October 22, 1844.
Piel de otoño The love that Santiago has shown her has reinvigorated her autumn skin, and love never arrives too late.
Socialist Party of Croatia It was briefly reinvigorated when prominent Zagreb attorney Silvije Degen took leadership and ran as relatively successful candidate during the 1992 presidential elections.
Dow Design Dow Design reinvigorated the Robert Harris brand in 2008 with complete coffee house refits and redesign of the coffee packaging in both the retail and food service areas .
Verdun, Quebec However, improved access to downtown Montreal meant a decline in local commerce. A program of subsidies and revitalization starting in the 1990s reinvigorated the rue Wellington commercial corridor.
1972 Detroit Tigers season After having a losing record in 1970, the Tigers were reinvigorated in 1971 and 1972 by their fiery manager, Billy Martin.
Vermorel In Pilain's absence, Vermorel's ambitions to become an auto-maker apparently lapsed, but in 1908 the project was reinvigorated and Vermorel emerged as a regular automobile producer.