Top 10 similar words or synonyms for reinvented

reinvents    0.701340

reimagined    0.608134

rechristened    0.608028

conceptualised    0.607459

satirized    0.591112

derided    0.584397

relaunched    0.581187

lampooned    0.576760

reinterpreted    0.576567

reinvigorated    0.575728

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for reinvented

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Article Example
Nollywood Reinvented The website is able to serve as a reference by providing ratings and reviews to the nollywood audience, these ratings include the critic ratings as well as audience ratings which provides an opportunity for side by side comparison. The website also helps to sort nollywood movies into categories according to genre and actors. NR also serves as a database to provide quick information (such as synopsis and production information) about nollywood movies on the web to the audience.
Nollywood Reinvented Nollywood Reinvented, also known simply as NR, is a website launched in 2011 and dedicated primarily to film reviews. It also provides information about films, actors, producers and other film people. It is one of the first review platforms dedicated to Nollywood. The website provides two major categories of movie reviews (cinematic reviews and home video reviews) as well as TV show reviews and ratings.
Nollywood Reinvented Nollywood Reinvented's website was created on 22 January 2011. It was created to help improve the Nigerian Cinema presence on the internet as well as to serve as a reference for Nigerian movie viewers. With over 100 Nigerian and Ghanaian movies reviewed and counting, NR helps create a platform and reference for nollywood on the web.
Nollywood Reinvented Nollywood Reinvented holds a yearly survey for films known as the NR Awards. The nomination phase usually begins in the month of June or July and viewers would be able to nominate individuals or films in various categories. Nomination period lasts for two to three months, before the commencement of the voting process, which will carry on until the end of November, and winners announced in December.
Wannabe: How The Spice Girls Reinvented Pop Fame Wannabe: How The Spice Girls Reinvented Pop Fame is a biography of the Spice Girls, published in 2004 and written by David Sinclair.
Banzhaf power index It was reinvented by , but it had to be reinvented once more by before it became part of the mainstream literature.
Ashbourne Cup Dundalk IT won the reinvented Ó Mhaolagáin cup in 2012
Mandel Szkolnikoff He reinvented his returns to build a real estate empire.
Timeline for invention in the arts Literature has been reinvented throughout history as shown below:
Mexican cumbia Mexican cumbia is a musical subgenre of cumbia which was reinvented in Mexico.