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Christian Reif His then personal best jump is 8.47 metres, achieved during the 2010 European Championships, in which he won the gold medal. In 2014 he extended his personal best to 8.49 metres.
Marcel Reif Marcel Reif (* 27 November 1949 in Wałbrzych) is a Swiss television sport journalist.
Marcel Reif Marcel Reif was born in Wałbrzych, Silesia (formerly Waldenburg), four years after the area was transferred to Poland from Germany following World War II. In 1956 his family moved to Tel Aviv; his father was a Polish Jew, while his mother was a German Catholic. Reif only learned to speak German at the age of eight, after his family moved again to Kaiserslautern.
Stefan Reif The University Library established the Genizah Research Unit in 1974 and Reif directed it until retirement in 2006. He was elected to a personal chair in medieval Hebrew studies and to a fellowship at St John’s College at the University of Cambridge in 1998, and obtained the Litt.D. there in 2002. He was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Haifa in 2014 for his Genizah work, his research into Jewish liturgy and his encouragement of young scholars. He has written or edited fifteen volumes, as well as almost four hundred articles and reviews, and organized various international conferences. Among his most important studies are "Shabbethai Sofer and his Prayer-book" (1979), "Judaism and Hebrew Prayer ("1993), "Hebrew Manuscripts at Cambridge University Library" (1997), "A Jewish Archive from Old Cairo" (2000), "Why Medieval Hebrew Studies?" (2001), "Problems with Prayers" (2006) and "Jewish Prayer Texts from the Cairo Genizah" (2015–16).
Stefan Reif Reif has was president of the Hebraica Libraries’ Group (198l–84); the Jewish Historical Society of England (1991–92); the British Association for Jewish Studies (1992); the Cambridge Theological Society (2002–04); and the National Council on Orientalist Library Resources, (2004-5). He is a trustee of the Cambridge Traditional Jewish Congregation and a senior academic consultant to the Universities of Haifa and Tel Aviv in Israel. He is on the International Advisory Committees of the ISDCL and of the periodical Ginzei Qedem, and is an Honorary Fellow of the Mekize Nirdamim Society for the Publication of Ancient Hebrew Manuscripts. Reif is a popular lecturer and has addressed many audiences in Europe, Israel, the United States and Canada.
John Reif John Reif received a B.S. (magna cum laude) from Tufts University in 1973, a M.S. from Harvard University in 1975 and a Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1977.
John Reif More recently, he has centered his research in nanoscience and in particular DNA nanotechnology, DNA computing, and DNA nanorobotics. In the last dozen years his group at Duke has designed and experimentally demonstrated in the lab a variety of novel self-assembled DNA nanostructures and DNA lattices, including the first experimental demonstrations of molecular scale computation and patterning using DNA assembly. His group also experimentally demonstrated various molecular robotic devices composed of DNA, including one of the first autonomous unidirectional DNA walker that walked on a DNA track. He also has done significant work on controlling errors in self-assembly and the stochastic analysis of self-assembly.
Reif Larsen Larsen was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Both his parents were artists. He graduated from Milton Academy in 1998 and then went on to Brown University and Columbia University. He holds an M.F.A in fiction. He has also made films in the United States, the United Kingdom and the sub-Saharan desert. He currently is living in New York.
Chris Reif Chris Reif is a retired American soccer who played professionally in the Major Indoor Soccer League and American Professional Soccer League.
Alberto Reif Alberto Reif (October 14, 1946 – October 15, 2012) was an Italian professional football player. He was born in Spinea.