Top 10 similar words or synonyms for regaling

regaled    0.704616

delighting    0.620297

regales    0.610681

haranguing    0.590310

acquaints    0.579609

astonishes    0.577968

enthralls    0.563934

carousing    0.563798

acquainting    0.560856

ribald    0.560715

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for regaling

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Article Example
Eliza Fraser (film) Once rescued, Eliza earns her keep at county fairs by regaling audiences with her own tales of her adventures.
Nandini Shankar "The young Nandini Shankar was given ample opportunity to display her talent and she took utmost advantage of it, regaling the audience with her impressive interventions."
In Camelot As the episode closes, Tony starts regaling his buddies at the Bada Bing with exaggerated accounts of Fran's involvement with JFK.
Inspector Rex Dr Graf is a sometimes prickly personality, but underneath this exterior he has a very dry wit - frequently regaling the detectives against their will with the gruesome details of a murder.
Rescue at Knocklong The rescue was a great boost for Republican morale in the early stages of the war and within a matter of weeks a number of popular ballads were being sung across Ireland regaling the events of the rescue.
Ganesh Baba Everyone who met him were impressed and he was held in high esteem by both Indians and Westerners. He was talkative and would spend hours regaling his listeners with what some might call 'tall tales'.
Londoner's Diary The Diary provided a mischievous platform for political gossip and upper crust scandal, regaling readers with titbits on the private lives of London’s high society: their excesses, their pets and their dinner-parties – but never their love affairs.
Sinbad the Sailor (1947 film) The story begins with Sinbad (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) regaling a group of travelers around a night-time campfire. When his listeners become bored with his often repeated tales, Sinbad tells them about his "eighth" voyage.
Patterson (radio series) Mrs Vice-Chancellor (Irene Prador) The Vice-Chancellor's wife. She is a crashing bore who cannot resist telling everyone at every opportunity that she is Viennese and regaling them with tedious, long-winded anecdotes about her days as an opera singer.
Morton Sobell In 1974, Sobell published a book, "On Doing Time" in which he maintained that he was innocent and that his conviction was a case of justice being subverted to serve political goals. After his release from prison, Sobell went on the speaker circuit, regaling audiences with his account of being falsely prosecuted and convicted by the federal government.