Top 10 similar words or synonyms for regales

regaled    0.636482

commiserates    0.621237

gusso    0.620649

regaling    0.610681

sympathizes    0.601536

maiorana    0.601422

lahousse    0.595428

upbraids    0.591289

mardo    0.590129

merlina    0.589552

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for regales

Article Example
Romero Regales Regales made his debut for the Curaçao national football team in a qualification match for the 2018 World Cup against Montserrat on 27 March 2015.
Romero Regales Romero Regales (born 7 November 1986 in Sittard) is a Curaçaoan professional footballer who currently plays as a striker for FC Den Bosch in the Eredivisie.
Luc Wulterkens 1. (retrieved 31 August 2009).
The Hackler from Grouse Hall Finally in "Petie’s Cat" he regales the foibles of some neighbours who allow a row over a cat to make it to a court hearing in Ballyjamesduff.
Fallo! Raffaella (Angela Ferlaino) regales her husband with stories of her affairs, some of which are very strange. Her husband enjoys this, and encourages her to keep cheating on him.
List of All Creatures Great and Small episodes Siegfried sends Tristan out to see Dent's pig, and he will not permit him to change out of his gladrags beforehand. When he returns at 10.45 PM, he regales James on his conquest of the animal.
Antonio Franchi He also published a text on the practice and materials of painting titled: "La Teorica della Pittura". It was dedicated to the Cavaliere Francesco Niccolo Gabburri. It also regales observations on prior and contemporary Italian painters.
The Ghost Breakers As Larry and Mary strike up a flirtation, they run into an acquaintance of Mary's, Geoff Montgomery (Richard Carlson), a young professorial type who regales them with tales of the local superstitions of their destination, particularly voodoo, ghosts and zombies.
Ripuarian Franks Gregory of Tours in researching material for the "Historia Francorum" found the topic of Frankish kingship puzzling. In his time the Franks had Roman-style kings. They were known to have had war-leaders in earlier times, according to either Sulpicius Alexander or an otherwise unknown historian, Valentinus. Gregory uses the Latin titles "duces" and "regales" explicitly with regard to Sunno and Marcomer (ca. 388), observing, concerning Sulpicius,"When he says 'regales,' or royal leaders, it is not clear if they were kings or if they merely exercised a kingly function."
Juli Lynne Charlot Charlot often bursts into song with a wonderful soprano voice that is still strong. She regales visitors with her wonderful stories of the movies and the Broadway plays she has appeared in, her adventures singing on stages around the world and the many exciting people she has befriended through the years.