Top 10 similar words or synonyms for regaled

regaling    0.704617

regales    0.636482

socializes    0.632661

serenaded    0.610283

revelled    0.607022

entertains    0.604667

acquaints    0.596462

mistreats    0.595218

unacquainted    0.589520

empathizes    0.586927

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for regaled

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Article Example
Woe from Wit I was regaled with the classical howling and beating on the breast.'
Bernard Chandran Dato' Chandran is intensely proud of his Indian ancestry and heritage. His home has many portraits of him and his family regaled in extravagant historical Indian garbs.
Thames steamers narrow boat President. Salters steamers also took part. The tug Portwey was stationary near HMS Belfast and regaled the royals with her whistle.
Black Legend of the Spanish Inquisition In addition, Reverend Ingram Cobbin MA, in a 19th-century reissue of Foxe's "The Book of Martyrs" regaled his readers with the most fantastic tales about what the French troops found in the Inquisition's prison when they occupied Madrid
Tam o' Shanter (poem) (a quote that gave Ayr United F.C. their nickname "the honest men"), Tam sits and drinks with his friends, and the reader is regaled with a dark prophecy of Tam's wife Kate:
Juli Lynne Charlot She is working on her memoirs and remains active in the arts. She had a one-woman show where she read from her upcoming memoirs and regaled the audience with her wonderful stories.
Ernest MacMillan The entry of Canada into WWII proved to be "a difficult period", but it was during the post-war years that his conducting was regaled as being "the most successful in the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's history". MacMillan innovations in his repertoire changed yet again. He included Canadian music, as well as works by Western composers Béla Bartók, and Dmitri Shostakovich.
Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church (Columbus, Ohio) On August 14, 2015, the church undertook a motorcade featuring a mobile carillon as part of the celebration for the parish's 150th anniversary and its 90th Homecoming Festival. The current pastor, Father Kevin Lutz, regaled onlookers in downtown Columbus and German Village with hymns played on the 48-bell carillon. The motorcade reenacted the November 1868 procession which preceded the church's dedication.
William Bradford (Plymouth Colony governor) During one meeting, Bradford met William Brewster, who was a bailiff and postmaster. His residence was at Scrooby manor, four miles from Austerfield. During frequent visits, Bradford borrowed books from Brewster, and Brewster regaled the young man with stories of the efforts toward church reform taking place across England.
A. T. Saunders Around 1911 Saunders took to visiting his bedridden aunt, who regaled him with stories of her time in the Spice Islands, where she had met the famed naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace and the notorious Bully Hayes. The more he checked her dates and facts, the more he trusted her memory and decided to commit the Hayes story to print.