Top 10 similar words or synonyms for reembarked

disembarked    0.737033

reconnoitered    0.723052

convoyed    0.719249

emirau    0.702623

reboarded    0.683992

tripolitan    0.656049

rendezvoused    0.644024

peleliu    0.640859

sortied    0.638106

woendi    0.634295

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for reembarked

Article Example
Yaruba dynasty They then reembarked for Persia, taking their loot with them.
Fort Al Jalali The Persians reembarked for Persia, taking their loot with them.
Saif bin Sultan II They then reembarked for Persia, taking their loot with them.
Bal'arab bin Himyar The Persians completed their campaign and reembarked for Persia, taking their loot with them.
USS S-42 (SS-153) On the night of 19 July, "S-42" returned to Adler Bay; reembarked the Australian intelligence officer, then got underway for Brisbane, where she arrived on 28 July.
United States Marine Corps Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion Jones was ordered to report to the Commanding General, V Amphibious Corps to reconnoiter Arno Atoll (CARILLON). After landing and finding nothing to report, they reembarked USS "KANE".
USS Fort Marion (LSD-22) Despite fog and an unsuitable landing zone, the commandos blew up about 100 yards of railroad, and were then successfully reembarked, although they found that airstrikes by Task Force 77 had already made the railway inoperable.
Battle of Guantánamo Bay Lt. Col. Huntington's Marine First Battalion, which had reembarked aboard the during the siege and surrender of Santiago, sailed for the United States, and after a stop at New York, arrived at Portsmouth Harbor, disembarking her marines on the evening of 24 August 1898.
USS Valley Forge (CV-45) After her return to Đà Nẵng on 3 May, the amphibious assault ship reembarked her helicopters as well as part of a battalion landing team of Marines who had been taking part in fighting ashore. The carrier continued to operate in the Đà Nẵng area during the weeks that followed, her helicopters flying frequent support missions, and her Marines preparing for further combat landings.
Hasan Pasha (son of Barbarossa) Hasan Pasha invaded Morocco in early 1558, but he was stopped by the Moroccan north of Fez at the Battle of Wadi al-Laban, and had to retreat upon hearing of Spanish preparations for an offensive from Oran. He reembarked from the port of Qassasa in northern Morocco, and from there returned to Algiers to prepare a defense against the Spaniards.