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Rebase Rebase is a village in Kambja Parish, Tartu County in eastern Estonia.
Rebase (database) In molecular biology, REBASE is a database of information about restriction enzymes and DNA methyltransferases. REBASE contains and extensive set of references, sites of recognition and cleavage, sequences and structures. It also contains information on the commercial availability of each enzyme. REBASE is one of the longest running biological databases having its roots in a collection of restriction enzymes maintained by Richard J. Roberts since before 1980. Since that time there have been regular descriptions of the resource in the journal Nucleic Acids Research.
Rebase, Viljandi County Rebase is a village in Viljandi Parish, Viljandi County, Estonia.
Neoschizomer Rebase restriction enzyme database,
Paistu Parish Aidu - Hendrikumõisa - Holstre - Intsu - Kassi - Lolu - Loodi - Luiga - Mustapali - Paistu - Pirmastu - Pulleritsu - Rebase - Sultsi - Tömbi - Viisuküla
Kambja Parish Aakaru - Ivaste - Kaatsi - Kammeri - Kavandu - Kodijärve - Kõrkküla - Kullaga - Lalli - Madise - Mäeküla - Oomiste - Paali - Palumäe - Pangodi - Pulli - Pühi - Raanitsa - Rebase - Reolasoo - Riiviku - Sipe - Sirvaku - Sulu - Suure-Kambja - Talvikese - Tatra - Vana-Kuuste - Virulase - Visnapuu
Librem Initially planning to preload its Librem laptops with the Trisquel operating system, Purism eventually moved off the Trisquel platform to rebase onto Debian for the 2.0 release of its PureOS GNU/Linux operating system. As an alternative to PureOS, Librem laptops can also be purchased with Qubes preloaded.
Thomas Pucher Together with Alfred Bramberger, he received the Austrian "Fischer von Erlach Prize" in 2010 for the NIK Office Building in Graz. Also in 2010, he won the "Best Architects 11", for Tartu Rebase Street and, in 2012, he won the "Best Architects 2012", for the NIK Office Building, in Graz, Austria.
Pale Moon (web browser) Pale Moon 27.0, released in November 2016, was a major rebase of the core browser code to Firefox 38 ESR, which added HTTP/2, DirectX 11, MSE/DASH, and JavaScript ES6 capabilities. Add-on support remains almost entirely unchanged, with a slight reduction of Jetpack compatibility.
New England Biolabs New England Biolabs (NEB) produces and supplies recombinant and native enzyme reagents for the life science research, as well as providing solutions supporting genome editing, synthetic biology and next-generation sequencing. NEB also provides free access to research tools such as REBASE, InBASE, and Polbase.