Top 10 similar words or synonyms for reassigns

reallocates    0.812498

reassign    0.776762

allots    0.712438

remaps    0.702797

deallocates    0.685851

reassigning    0.676534

andreassigning    0.670774

reallocate    0.661211

relocates    0.650853

reconfigures    0.640887

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for reassigns

Article Example
Reassignment method reassignment, changes (reassigns) the point of attribution
Timeline of the Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–98) August 1597 King Seonjo reassigns Admiral Yi as the commander of the Joseon Navy.
Improbable Cause As a result of the war, Starfleet reassigns Lieutenant Worf to "Deep Space Nine".
Evaluation strategy outputs codice_3, because the statement codice_4 reassigns a new list to the "variable" rather than to the location it references.
Sinotectirostrum Cherkesova (2007) reassigns two taxa, ""radiata"" and ""omaliusi"", that Nalivkin had placed in "Camarotoechia", to "Sinotectirostrum" as a new combination for a species and a subspecies respectively.
Associative array Often then instead of add or reassign there is a single set operation that adds a new formula_1 pair if one does not already exist, and otherwise reassigns it.
Lovecraft (Gotham) In the GCPD, Mayor James (Richard Kind) chastises Gordon and Dent. He believes Lovecraft went crazy after Gordon questioned him, took his gun and committed suicide. After announcing Lovecraft's "suicide", James reassigns Gordon to guard duty at Arkham Asylum.
Quechuan languages Willem Adelaar adheres to the Quechua I / Quechua II (central/peripheral) bifurcation. But, partially following later modifications by Torero, he reassigns part of Quechua II-A to Quechua I:
Rendezvous hashing It is not possible, however, to reduce HRW to consistent hashing (assuming the number of tokens per site is bounded), since HRW potentially reassigns the objects from a removed site to an unbounded number of other sites.
Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow Because of this incident, King Jeongjo demotes Detective K and reassigns him to Jeokseong to investigate the case of a woman thought to have killed herself after the death of her husband. But, this reassignment is more of a rouse for Detective K to get to Jeokseong – the area where the Wolfsbane flower blooms.