Top 10 similar words or synonyms for reassign

reallocate    0.850068

reassigns    0.776762

relocate    0.729225

preempt    0.705775

allot    0.700070

redefine    0.696661

reassigning    0.682865

assign    0.680178

reconfigure    0.674323

reorganize    0.671875

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for reassign

Article Example
Refugees (The Wire) After the meeting Foerster complains to Rawls, who agrees that Burrell's decision to reassign the case is a mistake. Foerster tells Landsman about the order and has him reassign the Braddock case to Greggs despite their shared misgivings.
European Union Emission Trading Scheme The operators within the ETS may reassign or trade their allowances by several means:
Reassignment method is some energy to reassign, and has no meaning when the
Glenn Sherlock
Karamokho Alfa Despite this ruling, the "imams" reserved the right to reassign land, since they held it in trust for the people.
Jack Tarpley Camp Jr. Judges and attorneys in Georgia, Washington, D.C., and Alabama sought to find someone to oversee the criminal case against Camp and to reassign his caseload. Camp agreed to allow the District Court to reassign all of his pending civil and criminal cases to another judge and to step down from the bench in what was "analogous to a leave of absence" with pay.
European Federation of Periodontology The EFP started a strategic planning process in 2006 in order to reassign strategic objectives and set the future direction of the organisation.
Marks & Spencer A company spokesman subsequently apologised and stated that they will attempt to reassign staff whose beliefs may impact their work to different departments, such as clothing.
Rolls-Royce Trent 900 On 18 November, Airbus announced it may seek compensation from Rolls-Royce for any disruption caused by the Qantas incident and the plans to reassign engines.
Pinguicula alpina Since that time countless subgenera, varieties and forms have been described in an attempt to reassign or further delimitate the species. These, however, have not gained wide acceptance.