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Rausch Rausch is a German surname which has been held by many notable people, including:
Valentine Rausch Rausch is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), serving as South Dakota state leader.
Wolfgang Rausch Wolfgang Rausch (born 30 April 1947 in Aachen) is a retired German footballer who made a total of 257 appearances in the Bundesliga during his playing career.
Leon Rausch In 2011, the Texas Legislature adopted a resolution designating western swing as the official "State Music of Texas". Rausch made a memorable appearance as a band singer in the 1998 Stephen Frears film The Hi-Lo Country, in a scene featuring one of the film's highlights — Don Walser's rendition of "I'll Hold You in My Heart."
Lee Rausch In 1984, after his leaving Megadeth, he played some time for another group in the region, the group Dark Angel,Where He and Gene , after a brief discussion simply traded Bands
Lee Rausch Since Lee Rausch was no longer part of a group but continues to play from time to time Locally in North Western Ohio .
Thomas Rausch Beyond studying and writing about ecumenical theology, Fr. Rausch has also been an active participant in the ecumenical movement. In 1983–1984 he was appointed by the Secretariat for Christian Unity as Catholic Tutor to the Ecumenical Institute, the World Council of Churches study center at Bossey, Switzerland. He was a member of the U.S. Catholic/Southern Baptist Conversation 1994–2001 and one of the signatories of the Richard John Neuhaus/Charles Colson Evangelicals and Catholics Together 1997 document, "The Gift of Salvation." In 2001 he was appointed to the Roman Catholic/World Evangelical Alliance Consultation and serves as co-chair of the Los Angeles Catholic-Evangelical Committee. He presently is a member of the Anglican-Roman Catholic Consultation, USA. He also co-chairs the Theological Commission of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
Thomas Rausch He is frequently quoted on programs for the History Channel and other similar television channels. His writing has been heralded by fellow theologians across theological disciplines. As Peter C. Phan, the Chair of Catholic Social Thought at Georgetown University, has observed, "With his trademark clarity, accessibility, and depth, [Tom] Rausch helps us understand the essentials of our Christian faith in a church and world marked by polarization and conflict."
Konstantin Rausch Rausch was born in Kozhevnikovo, Tomsk Oblast, Russian SFSR. His family emigrated to Germany from the Soviet Union when he was five years old. His first friend in Germany couldn't pronounce "Konstantin" and instead called him "Kocka", a nickname still used by his teammates and coaches.
Konstantin Rausch On 6 July 2015 Rausch signed a one year contract with SV Darmstadt 98.