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chondrichthyces    0.576205

thoracosphaera    0.563024

hagfishes    0.559661

aplacophorans    0.557764

demosponges    0.554795

triclads    0.554687

cephalospidomorphi    0.553963

inoceramidae    0.551681

cnidaria    0.548169

protohaplolepis    0.545277

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for ratfishes

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Operculum (fish) Whereas the cartilaginous ratfishes have soft and flexible opercular flaps, the sharks, rays and relatives (elasmobranch fishes) lack opercula completely and respire instead through a series of gill slits perforating the body wall. Without opercula, other methods of getting water to the gills are required, such as ventilation.
Helicoprionidae The Helicoprionidae are an extinct, poorly known family of bizarre holocephalids within the poorly understood order Eugeneodontida. Members of the Helicoprionidae possessed a unique "tooth-whorl" on the symphysis of the lower jaw and pectoral fins supported by long radials. The closest living relatives of the Helicoprionidae and all other eugeneodontids are the ratfishes. The anatomy of the tooth-whorl differed amongst genus and species, some possessing complete spirals (such as those of "Helicoprion"), others possessing halved spirals (seen in "Parahelicoprion"), and some with wedged half-spirals (seen in "Sarcoprion"). Each tooth-whorl is thought to be adapted to a different type of prey, and a different predation strategy.