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Article Example
Rarey technique The Rarey technique is a method of calming horses that have become vicious and fearful of humans due to abusive handling or other traumatic events. It is named for its inventor, John Solomon Rarey (1827–1866) of Groveport, Ohio, USA, who became famous for taming violent horses with it, and later for teaching it in various countries around the world.
Eli Rarey He is a graduate of USC School of Cinematic Arts, where he also taught in the Interactive Media Division. He has worked in the visual effects industry for many years on children's television shows and major studio films.
Eli Rarey Eli Rarey is an independent filmmaker based out of Los Angeles. He wrote and directed the feature film "The Famous Joe Project" which premiered at "Outfest" in 2012. His short by the same name (on which the feature is based) premiered at the 2007 Slamdance Film Festival and won Best International Short Film at the Lisbon Village International Digital Cinema Festival. His most recent project is an interactive feature film on YouTube, Hard Decisions.
Rarey technique Rarey began by tying one of the traumatized horse's legs with a strap so that the horse could not stand on it. This gave him control over the horse and quickly tired the animal out. Then, Rarey would gently but firmly cause the horse to lie down on a comfortable surface. Once the horse was lying on its side, Rarey could use his weight, concentrated at a strategic point, to keep the horse from rising. While the horse was thus unable to protect itself, Rarey showed it that it was still entirely safe with him by touching and stroking it on all parts of its body. The result was that the horse learned that it could be entirely safe in Rarey's company, and from that beginning it was relatively easy to demonstrate to the horse that it did not need to protect itself from most other humans.
John Solomon Rarey John Solomon Rarey (1827–1866) was one of the nineteenth century horse whisperers, an important figure in the rehabilitation of abused and vicious horses during the 1850s. Originally from Groveport, Ohio, Rarey trained his first horse at the age of twelve. (His method of rehabilitating horses is discussed in the article entitled Rarey technique.)
John Solomon Rarey An excerpt from "The Horse Whisperer" by Nicholas Evans:
John Solomon Rarey The horse they found was Cruiser, a horse kept for breeding but said to be the fiercest horse ever seen.
John Solomon Rarey Rarey used Cruiser in three well-attended public demonstrations of horse-taming in New York City in early January 1861.
Groveport, Ohio Groveport was the hometown of John Solomon Rarey, a 19th-century horse whisperer, and developer of the Rarey technique for rehabilitating horses.
Groveport Madison High School Groveport Madison High School is a high school in Groveport, Ohio, United States. The school's mascot is the Cruiser, a horse tamed by John Solomon Rarey.