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Ragnar Östberg Ragnar Östberg (14 July 1866 – 5 February 1945) was a Swedish architect who is best known for designing Stockholm City Hall.
Ragnar Östberg Östberg was born in 1866 in Stockholm. Scharinska villan in Umeå in north Sweden is considered one of Östberg's best works during his youth.
Ragnar Östberg Östberg has become the most famous architect within the so-called "national romanticist" movement in Sweden. His body of work from the period range from public buildings, such as Stockholm City Hall, to mansions for influential families at the turn of the century, such as Scharinska villan or Nedre Manilla, built for the Bonnier family.
Villa Pauli The villa, designed by famous architect Ragnar Östberg, was richly decorated with works by the painter Georg Pauli and sculptor Carl Eldh.
David Wallin In Rome he painted figures and street-life studies in addition to portraits, including several of ""Mrs. Carin Lidman"", born Thiel, later Mrs. Carin Östberg. In 1919 she married the famous Swedish architect and artist Ragnar Östberg, most famous for designing Stockholm City Hall. Ragnar Östberg was also Professor of Architecture at the Art Academy in Stockholm architecture school from 1922 to 1932. Wallin’s portrait of Mrs. Carin Lidman shows a shimmering young womanhood which is reproduced in richly nuanced, scented colors.
Blue Hall The Hall is long, wide and high and has a floor space of . It contains a monumental staircase, balcony, and loggia. A bust of the architect of the hall, Ragnar Östberg, is placed on the hall's rooftop terrace.
Villa Geber Villa Geber, is a property at Laboratoriegatan and Nobelgatan within Diplomatstaden in Stockholm, Sweden. It was designed by architect Ragnar Östberg and was built between 1911 and 1913, for banker Philip Geber.
Anders Zorn The main museum - Zornmuseet - was designed by Ragnar Östberg and opened in 1939. Shown there are extensive works of Zorn and his collected art by Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, 'The Hovingham Master' (Poussin's follower), Bruno Liljefors, Albert Edelfelt, and Pehr Hilleström.
Jewish Museum of Sweden The Jewish Museum of Sweden (in Swedish: Judiska Museet) in Stockholm, Sweden, is devoted to objects and environments related to Jewish religion, tradition, and history, particularly in connection to Judaism in Sweden. The museum opened in 1987 and since 1992 is housed in a building designed by Ragnar Östberg and built in the years 1929–1931.
Svante Nilsson (artist) Svante Nilsson has made many meritorious medals and plaques of famous people, such as the Swedish architect Ragnar Östberg, the Swedish architect and interior designer Carl Westman, the Swedish governor and senator Gustaf Tornérhjelm and the Swedish politician, party leader and Prime Minister of Sweden Hjalmar Branting.