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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for radosti

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Kruté radosti Kruté radosti ("Cruel Joys") is a 2002 Slovak-Czech comedy, starring Tatiana Pauhofová. The film directed by Juraj Nvota produced several awards. Amongs others, at Art Film Fest, Festival of Slovak Film Cran-Gevrier, while Ondřej Vetchý earned an award as the Best Male Actor at the IFF Faces of Love in Moscow, Russia.
Aneta Langerová
Aneta Langerová "Na Radosti" translates to English as "On the Joy"
Kreće se lađa francuska Radosti nema ni za tren, (There is no joy even for a moment)
Tatiana Pauhofová As an actress she is perhaps best known for her roles in "Kruté radosti" (2002), "Nezné vlny" (2013) and "Kousek nebe" (2005).
Radnička Kontrola Srđan Todorović Žika joined Bezobrazno Zeleno with whom he recorded their first studio album. Then he moved on to Disciplina Kičme (1984–1987), Ekatarina Velika (1987–1990) and Kazna Za Uši on their 1994 album "Izliv radosti napad srece". Beside music he also worked as an actor and later completely devoted to acting. He is one of the most successful Serbian actors.
Rudolf Plajner Plajner spent the end of his life in Luka pod Mednikem, now part of , where he wrote a series of books and writings about the history and Scout life of the Junák movement. He published mostly on Scouting topics, and is the author of the Scout handbook "Přiručka pro Junáky", "Junácké hry pro školy a oddíly" (Junák games for schools and troops), "Radosti junáckého roku" (Joys of the Scout year) and "Úsvit českého junáctví" (Sunrise of Czech Scouting).
František Gellner His first poems are full of irony in Heinrich Heine's style. His poem "Patnáct lahví koňaku" (Fifteen bottles of cognac) which he wrote at the age of 15 was published in "Švanda dudák" journal (edited by Ignát Herrmann). In 1901 he published his first collection called "Po nás ať přijde potopa!" (After Us Let the Floods Come!) in which he used especially sexual motifs without any embellishments. The next collection "Radosti života" (Joys of Life) shifted the point of view from subject to object and throws the disbelief more on society. The rhythm of the poems is close to vaudeville verses or chansons.
Tomi Sovilj i Njegove Siluete In 1966, the band released their debut EP "Vule bule" through Diskos, featuring the songs "Vule bule", a cover version of the Sam The Sham and The Pharaos song "Wooly Bully", "Hej, o Slupi", a cover of The McCoys song "Hang On Sloopy", "Džini Džini", a cover Little Richard's "Jenny, Jenny", all three having lyrics rewritten in Serbian language, and a cover of the starogradska muzika standard "Za jedan časak radosti" ("For a Moment of Joy"), written by Darko Kraljić. The release had been sold in more than fifty thousand copies, thus becoming a silver record.
Kazna Za Uši In early 1994, the band released their second album, "Izliv radosti, napad sreće" ("An Outburst of Joy, a Seizure of Happiness"), partially featuring live material recorded at SKC and new studio recorded material, once again produced by Jovanović. In May of the same year, the Cyprus record label Red Luna released the compilation album "3", featuring six of the previously released songs along with Presing and Overdose recordings. The band also appeared on the various artists compilation "Radio Utopia (B92: 1989-1994)" with the track "Poklon" ("The Gift")., and the "Bez struje" various artists unplugged album, recorded at the unplugged festival of the same name held in the Belgrade Sava Centar in January 1994, with the track "Ovde, ovde" ("Here, Here"). The same record label rereleased the band's debut album with live bonus material, recorded live on Radio B92.