Top 10 similar words or synonyms for radioprotecting

chemopotentiating    0.792699

chemotherapuetic    0.784149

radiosensitising    0.758613

antiprozoal    0.749939

vasculostatic    0.749156

chemosensitizing    0.747141

cytodifferentiating    0.747131

shaoqiong    0.743399

antiprotozoic    0.742275

chemopreventative    0.740102

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for radioprotecting

Article Example
Cystamine Cystamine has been shown tointeract with DNA and reversibly bind to it. Furthermore, cystamine is also able to bind to nucleoproteins. The nucleic acids that form from binding to DNA are more stable then unbound nucleic acids. Binding of cystamine to nucleoproteins makes them precipitate. The disulphides than binds to DNA and precipitate nucleoproteins have an analogous interaction like cadaverine and spermidine with DNA. The affinity of cystamine to DNA plays a role in the toxicity and radioprotecting properties of cystamine.