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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for quesadilla

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Quesadilla The origin of the quesadilla was colonial Mexico. The quesadilla as a food has changed and evolved over many years as people experimented with different variations of it. Quesadillas are commonly sold at Mexican restaurants.
Quesadilla In the central and southern regions of Mexico, a quesadilla is a flat circle of cooked corn masa, called a "tortilla", warmed to soften it enough to be folded in half, and then filled. They are typically filled with Oaxaca cheese ("queso Oaxaca"), a stringy Mexican cheese made by the "pasta filata" (stretched-curd) method. The quesadilla is then cooked on a "comal" until the cheese has completely melted. They are usually cooked without the addition of any oil. Often the quesadillas are served with green or red salsa, chopped onion, and guacamole. While Oaxaca (or string) cheese is the most common filling, other ingredients are also used in addition to or even substituting the cheese. These can include cooked vegetables, such as potatoes with "chorizo", squash blossoms, mushrooms, "epazote", "huitlacoche", and different types of cooked meat, such as "chicharron", "tinga" made of chicken or beef, or cooked pork. In some places, quesadillas are also topped with other ingredients, in addition to the fillings they already have. Avocado or guacamole, chopped onion, tomato, serrano chiles, and cilantro are the most common. Salsas may also be added as a topping.
Quesadilla Mexican quesadillas are traditionally cooked on a "comal", which is also used to prepare tortillas. As a variation, the quesadillas can be fried in oil to make "quesadillas fritas". The main difference is that, while the traditional ones are prepared by filling the partially cooked tortillas, then cooked until the cheese melts, the fried ones are prepared like a pastry, preparing the uncooked masa in small circles, then topping with the filling and finally folding the quesadilla to form the pastry. It is then immersed into hot oil until the exterior looks golden and crispy.
Quesadilla The quesadilla is a regional favorite in the southwestern U.S. where it is analogous to a 'grilled cheese sandwich'. It is prepared in a similar manner except for the inclusion of local ingredients, and sometimes turkey. A flour tortilla is heated on a griddle, then flipped and sprinkled with a grated, melting cheese ("queso quesadilla"), such as Monterey Jack, Cheddar cheese, or Colby Jack. Once the cheese melts, other ingredients; such as shredded meat, peppers, onions, or guacamole may be added, and it is then folded and served.
Quesadilla A quesadilla (, ) is a tortilla, usually a corn tortilla but also sometimes made with a wheat tortilla, which is filled with cheese and then grilled. Other items, such as a savoury mixture of spices or vegetables, are often added, then they are cooked on a griddle. A full quesadilla involves two tortillas filled with cheese and stacked on top of each other. Halves are a single tortilla filled with cheese and folded into a half-moon shape.