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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for qasidas

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Houcine Toulali Houcine Toulali (1924–1998) was Moroccan writer and singer of malhun compositions. He wrote hundreds of qasidas.
Seyed Karim Amiri Firuzkuhi His expression in ghazals are straightforward, clear, smooth, and thematic. In his qasidas his rhetoric is reminiscent of Khaqani's lucidity and eloquence, and his poetic nostalgia that of Mas'ud Sa'd. In his qasida composition he intertwines a legacy of the Khurasan genre with developments of the restoration in such a way, bringing grace to qasidas that are predominantly melancholic.
Borama alphabet Though not as widely known as Osmanya, the other major orthography for transcribing Somali, Borama has produced a notable body of literature mainly consisting of qasidas.
Seyed Karim Amiri Firuzkuhi His qit'as stylistically follow on the model of his qasidas, compared with the latter, these verse fragments tend to be apothegms in a more abstruse and archaic style.
Mirza Muhammad Rafi Sauda Mirza Muhammad Rafi 'Sauda' (1713–1781) (Urdu: مرزا محمد رفیع سودا ) was an Urdu poet in Delhi, India. He is known for his "Ghazals" and Urdu "Qasidas".
İsa Necati
His "Gül Kasîdesi" (Rose Qasida) is one of the only eight "qasidas" dedicated to Bayezid II, but the occasion is unknown though it should have come during the early Bayezid reign. It is of type "Bahaariye" - spring qasida.
Ali-Shir Nava'i Rukh ul-Quds ("The Holy Spirit") – the first qasida in Nava'i's Persian collection of qasidas entitled "Sittai zaruriya." "Rukh ul-Quds," which is 132 verses long, is about divine love.
Parvin E'tesami In her short life, she managed to achieve great fame amongst Iranians. Parvin's poetry follows the classical Persian tradition its form and substance. She remained unaffected by or perhaps ignored the modernistic trends in Persian poetry. In the arrangement of her poetry book, there are approximately 42 untitled Qasidas and Qet'as (another form of Persian poetry). These works follower a didactic and philosophical styles of Sanai and Naser Khusraw. Several other Qasidas, particularly in the description of nature show influences from the poet Manuchehri. There are also some Ghazals in her Diwan.
Seyed Karim Amiri Firuzkuhi Apart from his work in ghazal and qasida, he is noted for composing poetry in the form of tarkib-band In contrast to his ghazals, Amiri tended to compose his qasidas in the Khurasani genre, following the precedents of Khaqani, Nasir Khusraw, Mas'ud Sa'd and Anvari.
Tilok Chand Mehroom Mehroom's first major publication was Ganj-e-Ma'ani which contained a rich variety of 175 nazms as well as many rubais, qasidas, sehras, and nohas. Poets and literary critics like Niaz Fatehpuri, Muhammad Iqbal, Firaq Gorakhpuri, Kaifi Azmi, Josh Malsiani and Ejaz Hussain have admired his poetry.