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Article Example
Purworejo Regency During this period, Bagelen area was notorious of its powerful insurgent which support Prince Diponegoro throughout Java War. Upon the defeat of Diponegoro, Bagelen was being asked from Mataram Sultanate in order to undermine the power of Bagelen's insurgent and was being integrated into Kedu Residency by the Dutch Colonial ruler. The new town, called Poerworedjo (new spelling: Purworejo) is being designed by a Dutch architect by adopting traditional Javanese architecture and tradition. The Dutch implemented indirect rule, which is reflected in its town architecture, where the regent is from the local leader (Raden Adipati Cokronegoro Pertama) and the co-ruler (the regent assistant) is always a Dutch. This new town was also served as Dutch military base camp which housed the Dutch Black Colonial Armed Forces from West Africa.
Purworejo Regency Some Dutch residents were born, lived and died in Purworejo, the records can be found in The Civil Registry of the Dutch East-Indies.
Purworejo Regency The railway through Purworejo at is part of the southern java railway system. The complete schedule can be found at . Some popular schedules:
Purworejo Regency There are several coach provider which serve route from Purworejo to main cities in Java e.g.
Purworejo Regency Every Sunday morning between 6AM to 10 AM the roads surrounding 1 km-square town square (alun-alun) is being closed from traffic and the town's resident freely walk/run/cycling/playing football/eat/do all sort of relaxing morning activities around the square
Purworejo Regency There are five futsal halls around the town, for complete info, see: Futsal Centers in Purworejo
Purworejo Regency In the 9th centuries, Bagelen is part of the history of the ancient Mataram Hindu civilization (See: Medang Kingdom) which was flourished on Kedu Plain. It is estimated that within the period of Rakai Watukara Dyah Balitung, Bagelen had become the capital of the Mataram Hindu Kingdom or that it is the origin of the king as Watukara is a river name in Bagelen.
Purworejo Regency During this period, the people of Bagelen is famous for becoming the special arms force for Sutawijaya, hence the beginning of its militaristic character which also said as inheritance of the martial art skills being instilled by the previous Buddhist monks from the ancient Mataram period.
Purworejo Regency Some Dutch colonial buildings are still in a good shape until now as of Regency Official House (1840), a church which still become GPIB Church (1879), Kweekschool (1915), Train Station, Bank, Hospital.
Purworejo Regency In the modern day Indonesia, Purworejo produce skilled work force in the area of government, education and military. The prominent general from Purworejo is Sarwo Edhie Wibowo who is also the father-in-law of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. There are also several other notable general arms forces, government officials, ministers and lecturers as being listed in the notables from Purworejo.