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enanthyperythra    0.899853

carptima    0.891856

cephalospargeta    0.887384

lophonycta    0.878972

gregorioiscala    0.877344

strephona    0.876743

euneophlebia    0.873422

trigonaspis    0.866899

theliostyla    0.866683

boryzops    0.864718

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Bryozoa Up until recently (2008) there were "inadequately known and misunderstood type species belonging to the Cyclostome Bryozoan family Oncousoeciidae." (Taylor, Zaton 2008) Modern research and experiments have been done using low-vacuum scanning electron microscopy of uncoated type material to critically examine and perhaps revise the taxonomy of three genera belonging to this family, including "Oncousoecia", "Microeciella", and "Eurystrotos". This method permits data to be obtained that would be difficult to recognize with an optical microscope. The valid type species of "Oncousoecia" was found to be "Oncousoecia lobulata". This interpretation stabilizes "Oncousoecia" by establishing a type species that corresponds to the general usage of the genus. Fellow Oncousoeciid "Eurystrotos" is now believed to be not conspecific with "O. lobulata", as previously suggested, but shows enough similarities to be considered a junior synonym of "Oncousoecia". "Microeciella suborbicularus" has also been recently distinguished from "O. lobulata" and "O. dilatans", using this modern method of low vacuum scanning, with which it has been inaccurately synonymized with in the past. A new genus has also been recently discovered called "Junerossia" in the family Stomachetosellidae, along with 10 relatively new species of bryozoa such as "Alderina flaventa", "Corbulella extenuata", "Puellina septemcryptica", "Junerossia copiosa", "Calyptotheca kapaaensis", "Bryopesanser serratus", "Cribellopora souleorum", "Metacleidochasma verrucosa", "Disporella compta", and "Favosipora adunca".