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sofocle    0.696150

comande    0.685371

rileggendo    0.675446

splendori    0.670539

manovre    0.667303

chiamami    0.666877

titolate    0.665944

armistizio    0.663121

nascosti    0.662532

sottoscritto    0.662314

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for pseudonimo

Article Example
Antonio Saggio Costituzione e cittadino, in Storia d’Italia, vol. V, Einaudi, Turin, 1973 (con lo pseudonimo di Giuseppe Filangi).(in Italian only, on the constitution and the citizen, published under the pseudonym of Joseph Filangi).
Santi Paladino Paladino first suggested that Michelangelo Florio was the author of Shakespeare's works in 1927. His views were first put forward in the fascist literary journal "L'Impero" in February of that year. His arguments were presented in full in the booklet "Shakespeare sarebbe il pseudonimo di un poeta italiano" (1929). In the same year he founded the "Accademia Shakespeariana" to promote his views. However, it was dissolved in the following year by the local authorities. Its aims were declared contrary to public policy by the fascist government. Paladino's documents were confiscated and the sale of his book banned.
Sonority Sequencing Principle Some languages possess syllables that violate the SSP (Russian and Arabic, for example) while other languages strictly adhere to it, even requiring larger intervals on the sonority scale: In Italian for example, a syllable-initial stop must be followed by either a liquid, a glide or a vowel, but not by a fricative (except: [ps] borrowed words like: pseudonimo, psicologia). Some languages allow a sonority "plateau"; that is, two adjacent tautosyllabic consonants with the same sonority level. Modern Hebrew is an example of such language.