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Proto-Oceanic language The phonology of POc can be reconstructed with reasonable certainty.
Proto-Oceanic language Proto-Oceanic had 5 vowels: *i, *e, *a, *o, *u, with no length contrast.
Proto-Oceanic language Proto-Oceanic (abbr. "POc") is a proto-language that language comparatists — particularly after Otto Dempwolff's works — have proposed as the probable common ancestor to the group of Oceanic languages. Proto-Oceanic is itself an Austronesian language, and therefore a descendant of the Proto-Austronesian language (PAN), the common ancestor of the Austronesian languages.
Proto-Oceanic language Proto-Oceanic was probably spoken about 4200 years ago, in the Bismarck Archipelago, east of Papua New Guinea. Archaeologists and linguists currently agree that the POc-speaking community more or less coincides with the Lapita culture.
Proto-Oceanic language The methodology of comparative linguistics, together with the relative homogeneity of Oceanic languages, make it possible to reconstruct with reasonable certainty the principal linguistic properties of their common ancestor, Proto-Oceanic. Like all scientific hypotheses, these reconstructions must be understood as obviously reflecting the state of science at a particular moment in time; in particular, the detail of these reconstructions is still the object of much discussion among Oceanicist scholars.
Proto-Oceanic language Many Oceanic languages of New Guinea, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, and Micronesia are SVO, or verb-medial, languages. SOV, or verb-final, word order is considered to be typologically unusual for Austronesian languages, and is only found in some Oceanic languages of New Guinea and to a more limited extent, the Solomon Islands. This is because SOV word order is very common in some non-Austronesian Papuan languages in contact with Oceanic languages.
Proto-Oceanic language 23 consonants are also reconstructed. When the conventional transcription of a protophoneme differs from its value in the IPA, the latter is indicated:
Proto-Oceanic language In turn, most Polynesian languages, and several languages of New Caledonia, have the VSO word order.
Proto-Oceanic language Whether Proto-Oceanic had SVO or VSO is still debatable.
Malcolm Ross (linguist) Together with Andrew Pawley and Meredith Osmond, Ross has contributed to the Proto-Oceanic Lexicon Project, which has produced several volumes of reconstructed Proto-Oceanic vocabulary in various semantic domains.