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reconstructed_proto    0.787931

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ch_olan    0.760577

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proto_samic    0.742266

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Proto-Mayan language Proto-Mayan velar nasal is reflected as in the eastern branches (K'ichean Mamean), as in Q'anjob'alan, Cholan and Yukatekan, and only conserved as in Chuj and Poptí. In Huastecan is reflected as .
Proto-Mayan language Only K'ichean-Mamean and some Q'anjob'alan languages have retained Proto-Mayan uvular stops and whereas all other branches have changed these into and respectively.
Proto-Mayan language In Mamean a chain shift took place changing into , into , into and into . These retroflex affricates and fricatives later diffused into Q'anjob'alan.
Proto-Mayan language Several languages particularly Cholan and Yucatecan have changed short into .
Proto-Mayan language Vowel length distinction has been lost in Q'anjob'alan-Chujean (except for Mocho' and Akateko), Kaqchikel and Cholan. Some languages have reduced the vowel length distinction into a tense lax distinction that was later lost for most vowels, Kaqchikel however retains a centralized lax schwa-like vowel as a reflex of Proto-Mayan . Two languages, Yukatek and Uspantek and one dialect of Tzotzil have introduced a tone distinction in vowels between high and low tones as reflexes of former vowel length and and .
Proto-Mayan language Proto-Mayan is the hypothetical common ancestor of the 30 living Mayan languages, as well as the Classic Maya language documented in the Maya inscriptions.
Proto-Mayan language The Proto-Mayan liquid is reflected as in the western languages (Chujean- Q'anjob'alan and Cholan), Huastecan and Yukatek but as in Mamean and in K'ichean and Poqom.
Proto-Mayan language In polysyllabic words Kaqchikel and Tz'utujil have changed a final Proto-Mayan and into and respectively.
Proto-Mayan language The following set of sound changes from proto-Mayan to the modern languages are used as the basis of the classification of the Mayan languages. Each sound change may be shared by a number of languages; a grey background indicates no change.
Proto-Mayan language The palatalized plosives and are not carried down into any of the modern families. Instead they are reflected differently in different branches allowing a reconstruction of these phonemes as palatalized plosives. In the western branch (Chujean-Q'anjob'alan and Cholan) they are reflected as and . In Mamean they are reflected as and and in Yukatek and K'ichean as and .