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invented    0.585027

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Proposed flags of Taiwan From the mid-1950s to the 1970s, a self-proclaimed Republic of Taiwan Provisional Government was active in Japan. Its president was Thomas Wen-I Liao, who was in exile there. This government used a flag of a blue field charged with a white sun and a white moon.
Proposed flags of Taiwan While there have been some debates about replacing the ROC flag, the likelihood of doing so is not high given that it requires a constitutional amendment, which needs wide bipartisan support and a referendum under the conditions of the article 12 of the Additional Articles of the Constitution of the Republic of China:
Proposed flags of Taiwan While green has emerged as the color of Taiwan independence and can be seen ubiquitously in pro-independence rallies, at the moment, no one flag has achieved consensus among the various groups. Unlike other political movements, those in Taiwan do not feel there is a historical or local flag suitable for use as a symbol. The flag of the short-lived Republic of Formosa is considered to be unsuitable by some, since that republic was declared by Chinese loyalists and designed as a tributary state in a failed attempt to avert Japanese colonization in 1895. The present national flag, the flag of the Republic of China, is seen by others as a symbol of Chinese nationalism.
Proposed flags of Taiwan At rallies of the Pan-Green Coalition, green campaign banners and party flags are common while the national flag is rarely displayed, but the various proposed flags are never seen in unison. A dilemma arose when Lee Teng-hui was scheduled to speak at the National Press Club in Washington, DC in 2005: while National Press Club conventions would have called the ROC flag to be flown to reflect the nationality of the speaker, pro-independence groups objected to using the flag of the Republic of China. However, the National Press Club's only other alternative, a Democratic Progressive Party flag, would have been inappropriate anyways as Lee was not a DPP member.
Proposed flags of Taiwan The hearts-in-harmony flag was used to illustrate the entry for Taiwan in a World Factfile supplement of the British newspaper "The Guardian" on 25 April 2009. The entry also omitted using the name "Republic of China".
Proposed Melbourne tram extensions The extension from Malvern of route 5 was originally proposed by the PTUA. It would run from its current terminus to Darling railway station and Darling Village.
Proposed Melbourne tram extensions In response to the State Government's 2001 Melbourne 2030 planning policy, the PTUA lobbied to extend tram route 6 from its current terminus at Glen Iris railway station to Ashburton railway station. It would require an extra 2.2 km of track extending over the Monash Freeway, continuing along High Street until reaching the level crossing.
Proposed Melbourne tram extensions An alternative, which appeared in Darebin's 2010 proposal, has the tram heading north on Gilbert Rd, east on Henty St, north on Spratling St, then east on Edwardes Rd to the terminus. This route avoids the steep grade around Edwardes Lake.
Proposed Melbourne tram extensions The proposed bridge has faced some opposition from local groups and residents, whom fear it will destroy a local park and prevent tall boats from mooring at a nearby marina and travelling upstream. The bridge has been costed by the State Government at over $200 million.
Proposed Melbourne tram extensions The PTUA proposed a continuation of Route 67 from its current terminus north up Koornang Road, terminating at Carnegie railway station and passing through Carnegie shopping strip. It would cover just 900 metres and become a major mode interchange.