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Kim Prisu In 1979, at the invitation of his drawing instructor, he had his first group show, and the same year with Joaquim Pereira he founded the group "Explorateurs du gris". In 1980 he came up with the concept of Nuklé-Art, global interdisciplinary art for the children of the Nuclear Age; in 1984 this led to his co-founding the group of the same name with Kriki (Christian Vallée) and Paul Etherno. The group dissolved in mid-1987 into the Médias-Peintres, whose activities are close to those of Figuration Libre, including street stencilling, postering of painted work and performance art. Nuklé-Art exhibited at gallery Patras and the Galerie Photo graffitis, participated in the first Binoche sale, the 1986 "Les jeunes débarquent" and are in the book "Pochoir a la Une" and in Jacques Renard's film "Murmures Impatiens" in the series "Paris impromptu".
Kim Prisu In the 1990s he exhibited at Paris galleries including Anne Rouff, Christophe, and the galerie sanguine. In 1996 he returned to Portugal.
Kim Prisu Kim Prisu has exhibited in more than 60 exhibitions in Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Poland and USA.
Kim Prisu Kim Prisu, a pseudonym for Joaquim António Gonçalves Borregana (born 15 November 1962), is a Portuguese painter. After 34 years in France, he once more lives in Portugal. His work combines "Figuration Libre", French street art of the 1980s, digital imaging and Art singulier.
Kim Prisu In 1977, he started hanging out in Paris, initially interested by rock and other urban music. Not being interested in making music himself, he started promoting friends' groups with hand-made posters that he had photocopied, and also by stencilling groups' names.
Kim Prisu In 1990, he painted on the Berlin Wall, on 9 of the 1,300 metres that remain and make up the East Side Gallery. He painted there again in 2009 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall.
Kim Prisu Todays he also works, Public Art Sculptures made from materials of recycling, Performance art Painting, conceptual and gestural, posters, Illustrations Books, Digital and Video Art, graffiti and stenciling. as well as the tradition of the plastic arts. in azulejos, theatre and "Inpensamental" poetry. He is a corresponding academic of FEBACLA in Brazil.
Kim Prisu Works it of Kim Prisu is represented by Galléries. Betsy Frank Galery, Florida USA, Galery Fabulas Urbis Lisbon, and in supply in the gallery Corinne Bonnet Paris
Kim Prisu Born in Aldeia da Dona, Sabugal, Portugal, he moved to France in 1963 and was educated there. He began making art at the age of 12 with comic strips.
Kim Prisu Kim Prisu's work is his own response to the global tribe in a world constantly changing, a singular vision of contemporaneity. a great mix of imagination in colors Videomatik. inspires in the multicultural mosaic that connects their sensations, emotions and life philosophy to give us to see a visual concept in various directions from your world.