Top 10 similar words or synonyms for prinzipien

struktur    0.897101

insbesondere    0.889600

chemischen    0.886812

optischen    0.885449

mittels    0.882012

analytischen    0.881199

allgemeinen    0.876189

materialien    0.870097

grundlage    0.869861

berechnung    0.867318

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for prinzipien

Article Example
Hermann Paul His main work, "Prinzipien der Sprachgeschichte" (Halle: Max Niemeyer, 1st ed. 1880; 3d ed. 1898), has been translated into English:
Korbinian Brodmann In 1909 he published his original research on cortical cytoarchitectonics in "Vergleichende Lokalisationslehre der Großhirnrinde in ihren Prinzipien dargestellt auf Grund des Zellenbaues" (Comparative Localization Studies in the Brain Cortex, its Fundamentals Represented on the Basis of its Cellular Architecture).
Information Coding Classification These were published in full length in the book "Wissensorganisation. Entwicklung, Aufgabe, Anwendung, Zukunft" and the article "Information Coding Classification. Geschichtliches, Prinzipien, Inhaltliches", hence it suffices to just mention their topics with some necessary additions.
Heinrich Hertz Hertz took a position of Professor of Physics and Director of the Physics Institute in Bonn on 3 April 1889, a position he held until January 1894. During this time he worked on theoretical mechanics with his work published in the book "Die Prinzipien der Mechanik in neuem Zusammenhange dargestellt" ("The Principles of Mechanics Presented in a New Form"), published posthumously in 1894.
Ellen Franz The Duke and she, together with the Director Ludwig Chronegk, established the "Meiningen Principles" ("Meininger Prinzipien"), a profound reform in theatrical practice, and created what would become the world-famous Meiningen Ensemble ("Meininger Hoftheater"). Helene also implemented major changes in the dramaturgy, as well as being responsible for commitment and cast decisions and the education of young students. Her husband Georg II together with Chronegk undertook the direction, and decided on the appropriate scenery and costumes.