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seyni_oumarou    0.766949

issoufou    0.735415

ibrahim_baré_maïnassara    0.727883

mahamadou_issoufou    0.724250

bello_bouba    0.718535

oumarou    0.713344

ahidjo    0.711800

mohamed_ghannouchi    0.707648

hama_amadou    0.706795

antoine_gizenga    0.695574

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Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara Parliamentary elections in January 1995 resulted in cohabitation between President Mahamane Ousmane and a parliament controlled by his opponents, led by Prime Minister Hama Amadou.
Aïchatou Mindaoudou In the first government of Prime Minister Hama Amadou, named on February 25, 1995, Mindaoudou was Minister of Social Development, Population and the Advancement of Women. This government was ousted in a military coup on January 27, 1996.
Sanoussi Jackou Jackou was one of 14 deputies who filed a censure motion against the government of Prime Minister Hama Amadou on May 26, 2007. Amadou's government was subsequently defeated in a no-confidence vote on May 31. Jackou also opposed the election of Seyni Oumarou to replace Amadou.
1996 Nigerien coup d'état The 1996 Nigerien coup d'état was a military coup d'état which occurred on 27 January 1996 in Niamey, Niger. It ousted Niger's first democratically elected President, Mahamane Ousmane after nearly three years in power and installed General Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara as head of state. Prime Minister Hama Amadou was arrested in the coup and several soldiers and presidential guard were killed in the fighting.
Habi Mahamadou Salissou Considered a strong ally of Prime Minister Hama Amadou, Salissou supported Amadou following his 2007 split with President Tandja Mamadou over control of the party. Amadou, deposed in a vote of no-confidence in June 2007 and later arrested for corruption, remained as President of the MNSD, with Salissou as Secretary-General strongly supporting Amadou. Both were removed their posts in early 2009.