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Prexeca Bangers On January 5, 2012 they released the singles "Maconheira do Amor" and "Fugi do Hospicio" to promete the album "Hits de Verão" which was released on February 4, 2013. Prexeca Bangers has announced a new album this year titled "Piratão de Inverno" without an specifying a release date.
Prexeca Bangers Prexeca Bangers is a Brazilian hip hop group formed in 2004 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by the MC's Rodrigo "Fox" Raposo and Vitor "Mãe" Castro. In 2011 Prexeca Bangers released his first music video for the single "Tem muleh" to promote his album "Strondando a Porra Toda" which was released shortly after.
Prexeca Bangers Prexeca Bangers was formed in 2004 in Rio de Janeiro.They recorded several songs quickly becoming known on the internet, with a new musical style called "Stronda Music". They released their first studio album in 2009.
Prexeca Bangers Prexeca Bangers released in late 2010 his single "Samurai Kama-sutra" to promote his second album, Strondando a Porra Toda. On August 23, 2011 Prexeca Bangers released his first music video for the single "Tem muleh", part of the album "Strondando a Porra Toda" which was released shortly after.
Bonde da Stronda Bonde da Stronda was influenced mainly by Prexeca Bangers. Most of the group's songs are written by Mr. Thug. With blends of hip hop, rap, funk and rock mainly talking to `enjoy life`, the group also turn their pop romantic talking about love and passion, it is clear in their discography. But too many songs about prejudice, friends, family several times cited as their fans. His history and fight to get where they are.
Stronda Stronda is a subgenre of Brazilian hip hop music and a cross-genre that has elements of hip hop, funk, pop, surf music and rock who started in 2004 specifically in Rio de Janeiro with the group Prexeca Bangers Making music counting your day-to-day, a different kind of music, a "hip hop porn" in a short time it was heard by many young people, but have always been censored by the press. Soon in 2006 came the "Bonde da Stronda", making success in throughout Brazil and being recognized by the media thus bringing the emergence of several other groups.