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Bathycoccus prasinos Bathycoccus prasinos is a picoplankton belonging to the order Mamiellales, along with "Ostreococcus" and "Micromonas". The cells are around 1-2 μm in length, are non-motile and are covered in scales.
Bathycoccus prasinos The small genome (15 Mb) was recently sequenced and many of the genes are related to plants, though there is significant horizontal gene transfer from other eukaryotes. There are 19 chromosomes, two of which have a significantly different GC-content.
Ostreococcus tauri showed occurrence of similar outlying chromosomes in other species ("O. lucimarinus", "M. pusilla" & "B. prasinos").
Reply All (podcast) Producers include Phia Bennin, Tim Howard, Damiano Marchetti, Sruthi Pinnamaneni, and Chloe Prasinos.
Praseodymium The name "praseodymium" comes from the Greek "prasinos" (πράσινος), meaning "green", and "didymos" (δίδυμος), "twin". Praseodymium is frequently misspelled as praseodynium.
List of precious stones in the Bible The Greek is very inconsistent in its translation, rendering "shhs" differently in various texts; therefore in Gen., ii, 12, it is "lithos prasinos", "sardios" in Ex. xxv, 7; xxxv, 9;
Praseodymium The element was named for the color of its primary oxide. In 1841, Swedish chemist Carl Gustav Mosander extracted a rare earth oxide residue he called "didymium" from a residue he called "lanthana", in turn separated from cerium salts. In 1885, the Austrian chemist Baron Carl Auer von Welsbach separated didymium into two salts of different colors, which he named praseodymium and neodymium. The name praseodymium comes from the Greek "prasinos" (πράσινος), meaning "green", and "didymos" (δίδυμος), "twin".
Irakleio, Attica Iraklio is located about 8 km northeast of Athens city centre. The municipality has an area of 4.638 km. Its built-up area is continuous with those of the neighbouring suburbs Nea Ionia, Metamorfosi, Lykovrysi and Pefki. Irakleio is subdivided into several quarters, including Palaio Irakleio, Neo Irakleio, Ano Irakleio and Prasinos Lofos. The main thoroughfare is Irakliou Avenue, which connects it with central Athens. The northern beltway of Athens, Motorway 6, passes through Irakleio. Irakleio is served by a subway station (Iraklio station) and by a commuter railway station (Iraklio railway station).