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Polyproline helix The PPII backbone dihedral angles (-75°, 150°) are observed frequently in proteins, even for amino acids other than proline. The Ramachandran plot is highly populated in the PPII region, comparably to the beta sheet region around (-135°, 135°). For example, the PPII backbone dihedral angles are often observed in turns, most commonly in the first residue of a type II β-turn. The "mirror image" PPII backbone dihedral angles (75°, -150°) are rarely seen, except in polymers of the achiral amino acid glycine. The analog of the poly-Pro II helix in poly-glycine is called the poly-Gly II helix.
Polyproline helix Traditionally, the relative rigid structure of PPII has been used as a "molecular ruler" in structural biology,
Isteri-Sedar IS refused to join PPII due to disagreements over their approaches to issues of national independence, polygamy, prostitution, matrimonial legislation, and the like.
Amide ring In such rings the polypeptide has the conformation of beta sheet or of type II polyproline helix (PPII). A number of glutamines and asparagines help bind short peptides (with the PPII conformation) in the groove of class II MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex) proteins by forming these motifs. Another amide ring occurs at the interior of the variable domains of some Immunoglobulin G antibodies and assists in linking the two beta-sheets.
Polyproline helix The PPII helix is defined by (φ,ψ) backbone dihedral angles of roughly (-75°, 150°) and "trans" isomers of the peptide bonds. The rotation angle Ω per residue of any polypeptide helix with "trans" isomers is given by the equation
Polyproline helix The poly-Pro I helix is much denser than the PPII helix due to the "cis" isomers of its peptide bonds. It is also rarer than the PPII conformation because the "cis" isomer is higher in energy than the "trans". Its typical dihedral angles (-75°, 160°) are close, but not identical to, those of the PPII helix. However, the PPI helix is a "right-handed" helix and more tightly wound, with roughly 3.3 residues per turn (rather than 3). The rise per residue in the PPI helix is also much smaller, roughly 1.9 Å. Again, there is no internal hydrogen bonding in the poly-Pro I helix, both because an H-bond donor atom is lacking and because the amide nitrogen and oxygen atoms are too distant (roughly 3.8 Å again) and oriented incorrectly.
Polyproline helix Substitution of the poly-Pro II (φ,ψ) dihedral angles into this equation yields almost exactly Ω = -120°, i.e., the PPII helix is a left-handed helix (since Ω is negative) with three residues per turn (360°/120° = 3). The rise per residue is approximately 3.1 Å. This structure is somewhat similar to that adopted in the fibrous protein collagen, which is composed mainly of proline, hydroxyproline, and glycine. PPII helices are specifically bound by SH3 domains; this binding is important for many protein-protein interactions and even for interactions between the domains of a single protein.
List of Ojarumaru characters is the third member of the Oni Child Trio and has a chick-like appearance. He is five years old. He is a crybaby and uses a spoon as a weapon. He refers to himself as "Ora" (おら) and sometimes as "Kii-kun" (キーくん). He ends most of his sentences with "pii" (ピィ) and also tends to exclaim it at random. A running gag throughout the series has him often mistaken as a chick and he would shout "Kii-kun is not a chick ppii!" (キーくんヒヨコじゃないっピィ! "Kii-kun hiyoko janai ppii!").
Isteri-Sedar The First Indonesian Women's Congress held on 22 December 1928 in Yogyakarta brought together various women's organizations from all over Indonesia to discuss gender issues. As Elizabeth Martyn describes, this was the first collective effort to organize around a formal agenda—marking the beginning of the women's movement in Indonesia. The first congress concluded with the formation of the Perikatan Perempuan Isteri Indonesia (PPII/Federation of Indonesian Women's Organizations) consisting of twenty organizations.
Polyproline helix The PPII helix is relatively open and has no internal hydrogen bonding, as opposed to the more common helical secondary structures, the alpha helix and its relatives the 3 helix and the pi helix, as well as the β-helix. The amide nitrogen and oxygen atoms are too far apart (approximately 3.8 Å) and oriented incorrectly for hydrogen bonding. Moreover, these atoms are both H-bond "acceptors" in proline; there is no H-bond donor due to the cyclic side chain.