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ppargamma    0.856809

pparg    0.813778

ppardelta    0.800315

tgfr    0.796856

lxralpha    0.790078

erbeta    0.786088

lxra    0.785774

ppara    0.770857

crfr    0.764584

mineralcorticoid    0.757555

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Article Example
PAX8 The PAX 8 gene has some association with follicular thyroid tumors. "PAX8/PPARy" rearrangement account for 30-40% of conventional type follicular carcinomas and less than 5% of oncocytic carcinomas (aka Hurthle-Cell Neoplasms). Tumors expressing the "PAX8/PPARy" are usually present in at a young age, small in size, present in a solid/nested growth pattern and frequently involve vascular invasion. It has been observed that "PAX8/PPAR y"-positive tumors rarely express "RAS" mutations in combination. This suggests that follicular carcinomas develop in two distinct pathways either with "PAX8/PPAR y" or "RAS".