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Pontedera Pontedera (Latin: Pons Herae) is an industrial town in the province of Pisa, Tuscany, central Italy. It houses the headquarters of the Piaggio company, of the wine company Castellani and of chocolate factory Amedei.
Pontedera Pontedera is in the Arno valley at the confluence of the Era River and the Arno River. Its territory is also crossed by the Scolmatore dell'Arno canal, and by the Roglio an Era's tributary. There is also a small lake, in the "frazione" of Pietroconti, known as Braccini lake.
Pontedera Pontedera was the seat of several historical battles. In 1369, the Milanese army of Barnabò Visconti, led by John Hawkwood, was defeated here by the Florentine troops. On 11 June 1554, Pontedera was the scene of a pyrrhic victory in the last effort by the Republic of Siena to retain its independence, when Piero Strozzi won against the Florentines. Two months later he was decisively defeated at the Battle of Marciano, an event which marked the end of the Senese independence. The football team in the town is called U.S. Città di Pontedera, and they are currently placed in Lega Pro Seconda Divisione.
Pontedera Airfield Today, the location of the airfield has been absorbed into the town. There is the remains of one runway visible in an industrial area.
Pontedera Airport The Pontedera airport was an airport located in Pontedera, Italy. It was built south-west of the city centre in 1913.
Pontedera Airfield Once completed it was turned over for use by the Twelfth Air Force 27th Fighter Group in late 1944 and early 1945 during the Italian Campaign, flying A-36 Apaches. It was also the home of the 416th Night Fighter Squadron, which flew Bristol Beaufighters from the field between 27 March and 13 August 1945.
Pontedera Airport It was built as an airport for airships, by the Royal Italian Navy, just before the beginning of the First World War. Later it became an airport for military planes and used also by Piaggio for testing vehicles. Its importance faded after the Second World War, the hangars were closed and destroyed and the runaway was dismantled around the year 2000.
Pontedera Airfield Pontedera Airfield is an abandoned military airfield in Italy, located within the town of Pontedera, in Tuscany in the administrative province of Pisa.
Pontedera Airfield It was an all-weather temporary field built by the XII Engineer Command using a graded earth compacted surface, with a prefabricated hessian (burlap) surfacing known as PHS. PHS was made of an asphalt-impregnated jute which was rolled out over the compacted surface over a square mesh track (SMT) grid of wire joined in 3-inch squares. Pierced Steel Planking was also used for parking areas, as well as for dispersal sites, when it was available. In addition, tents were used for billeting and also for support facilities; an access road was built to the existing road infrastructure; a dump for supplies, ammunition, and gasoline drums, along with a drinkable water and minimal electrical grid for communications and station lighting.
Giulio Pontedera Giulio Pontedera (7 May 1688 – 3 September 1757) was an Italian botanist of Tuscan origin. He was professor of botany at Padua, and director of the botanical garden there. Although he rejected Carl Linnaeus' system, Linnaeus was a correspondent of Pontedera's, and named the genus "Pontederia" after him.