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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for ponche

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Ponche crema Ponche crema is a Venezuelan and Trinidadian cream-based liqueur. Recipes vary depending on the region, but main ingredients typically include milk, eggs, sugar, rum, and other minor ingredients such as vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and lemon rind. A variant type is prepared with concentrated liquid coffee or instant coffee powder. However, most references to the "ponche crema" name aim at a traditional commercial product, available since 1900, whose recipe and manufacturing process are kept secret. "Ponche crema" is a beverage traditionally served in Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago during Christmas time, much as eggnog is in the United States. It is usually served cold, in small cups, either as an aperitif or a pousse-café.
Grogue Grogue is the basis for a Cape Verdean cocktail known as "ponche", which also includes lime and molasses, comparable to the "ponche" of the island of Madeira.
Punch (drink) "Ponche" is served during the Christmas holiday season, and it is served warm. According to historians "ponche" came to Mexico from Persia, where they used to consume a very similar drink they called "panch," made with water, lemon, herbs, sugar and rum. This tradition migrated to Europe and acquired the name "punch," known in Spain as "ponche." Some ingredients used to make "ponche" are more seasonal and even exotic. Fresh "tejocotes", known to the Aztecs as Texocotli (stone fruit) are "de rigueur." "Tejocotes" are the fruit of the hawthorn tree, and resembles crab apples; they have a sweet-sour flavor and an orange to golden yellow color. Other ingredients in "ponche" are prunes, pears, dry hibiscus, star anise, and sugar cane pieces.
Cielito Querido Café They sell typical Mexican products which are chamoyadas, hot horchata, café de olla, ponche, and sweet bread.
Comala One important beverage sold here is ponche. It has been made for generations in Comala with at least twenty families currently involved in its production although there are thought to be more who produce it clandestinely. The drink has been given a certification of the name so that products called “ponche de Comala” must be from the area, similar to tequila. Ramon Salazar Salazar was one of the pioneers in the making of ponche, and his son Ramiro Salazar Trujillo is still involved into the craft. Ponche has been made in at least fourteen different flavors with the most traditional being pomegranate, coconut and nuts such as pistachio and almond. Other common flavors include coffee, peanut, tamarind, blackberry, plum, and rompope. The drink has a relatively low alcohol content and is drunk as an aperitif cold or at room temperature. Another beverage is called bate, which is a type of atole served with an ice made with sugar cane.
Christmas in Mexico After piñatas there is meal which usually includes tamales, atole, buñuelos and a hot drink called ponche, which is made from seasonal fruits such as tejocote, guava, plum, mandarin orange, orange and/or prune, sweetened with piloncillo, a kind of brown sugar, and spiced with cinnamon or vanilla. For adults rum or tequila may be added. Ponche recipes vary greatly in Mexico. The Colima version usually includes milk, sugar, orange leaves, vanilla and grated coconut.
Agy The north-east border of the commune is marked by the "Drone" river with the southern border marked by the "Ponche". In the west is the "Vicalet" stream flowing north and partly forming the western border.
Saint-Tropez beaches They consist of "La Glaye", "La Ponche" and "La Fontanette". As Saint Tropez is several hundred years old, the three beaches are small or even tiny and they are located near the heart of the village.
Antônio Vicente da Fontoura Signed on March 1, 1845, the Peace Agreement of Ponche Verde granted amnesty to the Republican leaders, provided a financial compensation for Rio Grande do Sul and assured the emancipation of all African slaves serving in the Riograndense Army.
Trinidad and Tobago cuisine Special Christmas and Easter foods include pastelles (called hallaca in Venezuela where they originated), garlic pork ("carne vinha-d'alhos", a Portuguese dish), boiled or baked ham, turkey, pigeon peas, fruitcake, blackcake, ginger beer, ponche crema, egg nog, and sorrel.