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Castle of Pombal In 1923, a formal request was sent by the Municipal Council of Pombal to the Ministry of War () soliciting the transfer of the Castle to their authority. The following year, on 7 December 1924, the castle was given by the same ministry to the "Núcleo da União dos Amigos dos Monumentos da Ordem de Cristo em Pombal do Castelo". The transfer included land in the village and ancillary terrains, that constituted Military Camp No.1: ""in the municipal square the transfer of the ruins of the castle to the Núcleo, demarcated by 32 stone markers, numbered successively from the north to south, from the east, and numbered with the abbreviations M.G...To the Núcleo went the responsibility to conserve and guard the property, with the assistance of the Ministry of War, when necessary; the concession and title was free, with indefinite time limit, while property remained in the hands of the Ministry; the Núcleo was forbidden to perform whatsoever remodelling, even recuperations that involved demolish or new constructions in masonry, or movements of land in the esplanades, without a written license from the Ministry of War"". This contract persisted until 1931, when the Núcleu was dissolved: the concession was transferred to the "Comissão de Iniciativa e Turismo de Pombal" ("Pombal Commission for Initiatives and Turismo").
Palace of Queluz Comparisons with the far larger and more Baroque Versailles are unwarranted: Versailles is referred to as having "an aura of majesty" and it was built and dedicated to exhibit in stone "all the glories of France," whereas the far smaller palace at Queluz has been described as "exquisite rather than magnificent" and looking like "a very expensive birthday cake". In its frivolity, the architecture of Queluz reflects the lifestyle led by the Portuguese royal family at the time of building: during the reign of Dom Pedro's brother, Joseph I, when Portugal was in practice governed by a "valido" or favourite, the Marquis of Pombal. Pombal encouraged the royal family to while away their days in the country and leave affairs of state to him. Thus the extravagant, almost whimsical architecture of Queluz, set apart from the capital city, exactly represents the politics and social events of Portugal during this era, and the carefree and flamboyant lives led by its occupants. Queluz's role as a haven for those without responsibility was, however, to be short-lived.