Top 10 similar words or synonyms for polypropolene

polypropelene    0.798533

polyproplylene    0.738005

polythene    0.723530

polyvinylchoride    0.706788

polyeurethane    0.704232

polyvinychloride    0.698559

polyproylene    0.696297

uhmwp    0.690730

isoplast    0.689512

pellathane    0.688387

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for polypropolene

Article Example
Basketry of Mexico In the latter 20th century, the development of synthetic fibers, particularly polypropolene and polyethylene as provided artisans with often cheaper and more colorful alternatives, important in areas where natural plant fibers have become scarce. However, they have not replaced the use of natural materials. One community particularly noted for their work in these strips is Zapotitl√°n Palmas in Oaxaca.