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RK Podravka Koprivnica Rukometni Klub Podravka Koprivnica is a Croatian women's handball club from Koprivnica. It is the most successful club in Croatian women's handball since formation of the league in 1992. The team currently competes in the Croatia women's first handball league. They have a fan club called Red Roosters formed in 2002.
RK Podravka Koprivnica The club was established in 1955 under the name Ivo Marinković and played its first friendly match in December against Grafičar Bjelovar. First official game was played in April 1956 against Slavija Čakovec. In 1956 team was renamed in RK Partizan. In seasons 1960/1961 and 1962/1963 Partizan became amateur champion of SR Croatia. In 1964 club changed the name in RK Podravka since it was sponsored by the factory who had the same name. The club also qualified in the first league the same year. In 1966 RK Podravka won its first national title and kept it for two years in a row. In 1972 the team was degraded in the second league but they managed to return in the first league in 1975. However, they returned in the second league in 1976 and remained there until 1980 and then again fell in the second league in 1982. In 1990 they again entered the first league and remained there until its dissolution in 1991 when Croatia gained independence. Since 1993 they were not Croatian champions only in season 2003/2004, however their biggest success was in 1996 when the team won Women's EHF Champions League.
Ekatarina Nemaškalo Ekatarina Nemaškalo (born 31 July 1989) is a Croatian handball player for RK Podravka Koprivnica and the Croatian national team.
Dragica Džono Dragica Džono (born 24 May 1987) is a Croatian handball player for RK Podravka Koprivnica and the Croatian national team.
Ana Nikšić Ana Nikšić (born 29 June 1989 in Jakarta) is a Croatian handballer who plays for Croatian top club RK Podravka Koprivnica.
Kristina Elez Kristina Elez (born 22 May 1987 as Kristina Franić) is a Croatian handball player and a member of the Croatian national team. She plays for the Croatian club RK Podravka Koprivnica.
1996–97 EHF Women's Champions League Mar Valencia defeated Viborg HK in the final to become the first Spanish team to win the competition. Defending champion Podravka Koprivnica was defeated by the Danish in the quarter-finals.
2004–05 EHF Women's Cup Winners' Cup 1996 EHF Cup runner-up Larvik HK defeated 1996 Champions League champion Podravka Koprivnica to win its first European trophy. It was the third Cup Winners' Cup that went to Norway, after Bækkelagets SK's two titles in the late 1990s.
Ivica Rimanić Rimanić spent two seasons with Croatian women's handball powerhouse Podravka Koprivnica. In the first season he won both domestic titles and got to the quarter-final of the EHF Champions League the next season the club reached the semi-final. At one point in 1997 he was the head coach of the Norway men's national team.
Yugoslav Women's Handball Championship The championship's most successful teams were Radnički Belgrade with fourteen championships (including ten titles in a row) and Lokomotiva Zagreb with ten. Budućnost Titograd follows with four titles, while Spartak Subotica won three, and Lokomotiva Virovitica, Podravka Koprivnica and Voždovac Belgrade clinched two.