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Pluralistic ignorance Another case of pluralistic ignorance concerns drinking on campus in countries where alcohol use is prevalent at colleges and universities. Students drink at weekend parties and sometimes at evening study breaks. Many drink to excess, some on a routine basis. The high visibility of heavy drinking on campus, combined with reluctance by students to show any public signs of concern or disapproval, gives rise to pluralistic ignorance: Students believe that their peers are much more comfortable with this behavior than they themselves feel.
Pluralistic walkthrough A walk-through team must be assembled prior to the pluralistic walk-through. Three types of participants are included in the walk-through:
Pluralistic ignorance During alcohol prohibition in the United States, most people thought others were for it when in reality most people were against it, including those who were vocal about its initiation. This led to bootlegging liquor becoming an extremely lucrative business because there was a private desire for the alcohol even though there was a large public outcry against it.
Pluralistic ignorance In modern times, most people in Western Nations prefer to buy their goods and services as cheaply as possible at an individual level. But due to pluralistic ignorance they are of the opinion that a higher Minimum Wage makes people better off, in contradiction to their individual experience.
Pluralistic ignorance Pluralistic ignorance can be dispelled, and its negative consequences alleviated, through education. For example, students who learn that support for heavy drinking practices is not as widespread as they thought drink less themselves and feel more comfortable with the decision not to drink. Alcohol intervention programs now routinely employ this strategy to combat problem drinking on campus.
Pluralistic walkthrough Participants are given written instructions and rules at the beginning of the walkthrough session. The rules indicate to all participants (users, designers, usability engineers) to:
Pluralistic ignorance Pluralistic ignorance may help to explain the bystander effect. If no-one acts, onlookers may believe others believe action is incorrect, and may therefore themselves refrain from acting.
Pluralistic ignorance The theory of pluralistic ignorance was studied by Daniel Katz. He produced studies of racial stereotyping and prejudice, and attitude change, and his pursuit of the connections between individual psychology and social systems helped to found the field of organizational psychology. Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, in her Spiral of silence theory, argued that media biases lead to pluralistic ignorance.
Pluralistic walkthrough The following materials are needed to conduct a pluralistic walkthrough:
Pluralistic walkthrough Pluralistic walkthroughs are group activities that require the following steps be followed: