Top 10 similar words or synonyms for plosive_affricate

stop_voiceless_voiced    0.954919

nasal_plosive    0.949567

stop_affricate_fricative    0.949088

fricative_approximant    0.947655

plosive_fricative    0.945522

fricative_voiceless_voiced    0.944676

voiceless_voiced    0.942685

nasal_approximant    0.942584

plosive_nasal    0.941684

plosive_voiced    0.940474

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for plosive_affricate

Article Example
Mixtec language The nasalisation of vowels and consonants in Mixtec is an interesting phenomenon that has had various analyses. All of the analyses agree that nasalization is contrastive and that it is somewhat restricted. In most varieties, it is clear that nasalization is limited to the right edge of a morpheme (such as a noun or verb root), and spreads leftward until it is blocked by an obstruent (plosive, affricate or fricative in the list of Mixtec consonants). A somewhat more abstract analysis of the Mixtec facts claims that the spreading of nasalization is responsible for the surface "contrast" between two kinds of bilabials ( and , with and without the influence of nasalization, respectively), between two kinds of palatals ( and nasalized —often less accurately (but more easily) transcribed as —with and without nasalization, respectively), and even two kinds of coronals ( and , with and without nasalization, respectively). Nasalized vowels which are contiguous to the nasalized variants are less strongly nasalized than in other contexts. This situation is known to have been characteristic of Mixtec for at least the last 500 years since the earliest colonial documentation of the language shows the same distribution of consonants.