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Article Example
Plazm (magazine) In 1993 Pete McCracken founded Plazmfonts in collaboration with the magazine. As Director of Plazmfonts division he led the creative efforts in designing the exclusive corporate typefaces for Nike, Adidas, and MTV. In 2006, McCracken, a Creative Director and partner in the Plazm design firm, left the magazine to create an independent branding and typeface design studio, also called Plazmfonts.
Plazm (magazine) Plazm magazine has been published since 1991 by a collective of designers, writers, and others in Portland, Oregon, United States. The complete catalog of "Plazm" magazine is included in the permanent collections of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Denver Art Museum. Plazm Media is a design firm, font foundry (which is now Plazmfonts, an independent design firm and letter-founder), and publisher.