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Article Example
Pizzighettone Pizzighettone is a "comune" of the Province of Cremona in the Italian region Lombardy. The main population centre is located on the river Adda and is divided into two parts: Pizzighettone on the east bank and Gera on the west.
Pizzighettone It was the site of the Insubrian town of Acerrae, and was home to the football team A.S. Pizzighettone, until the summer 2012 when it moved to city of Crema and changed its name to U.S. Pergolettese 1932.
A.S. Pizzighettone Associazione Sportiva Pizzighettone was an Italian association football club, based in Pizzighettone, Lombardy.
A.S. Pizzighettone The following year it was relegated to Serie D, but it was readmitted in 2008–09 Lega Pro Seconda Divisione (ex-Serie C2). In this season it was again relegated to Serie D.
A.S. Pizzighettone After the bankruptcy of U.S. Pergocrema 1932, Pizzighettone moved to Crema and changed to the color and name of Pergocrema's predecessor: U.S. Pergolettese 1932.
A.S. Pizzighettone The club was founded in 1919 and up to season 1995-94 took part just to regional amateur championships.
A.S. Pizzighettone After a long history of amateur leagues for years, in 2003 the team was promoted to Serie C2 for the first time in their history, under their coach Roberto Venturato.
A.S. Pizzighettone Having won promotion playoffs in 2005, Pizzighettone were promoted to Serie C1. It was relegated to Serie C2 in 2007 after play-out.
A.S. Pizzighettone Since 2013, Real Pizzighettone became the major football team of the town. The club relegated to Seconda Categoria in 2016.
Siege of Pizzighettone The Siege of Pizzighettone was the first major military engagement of the northern Italian campaigns of the War of the Polish Succession. Troops from France and the Kingdom of Sardinia began blockading the Habsburg Milanese fortress at Pizzighettone on 11 November 1733, commencing siege operations on 15 November. On 30 November the commander of the Austrian garrison negotiated a capitulation in which he promised to withdraw toward Mantua on 9 December if no relief arrived. As no reinforcements appeared by that time, the fortress' garrison withdrew with full honors on 9 December.