Top 10 similar words or synonyms for pitied

scorned    0.754928

envied    0.722208

deluded    0.711460

scorns    0.706189

belittled    0.703341

maltreated    0.700808

ungrateful    0.696712

disdains    0.690266

loathed    0.689380

mistreats    0.683172

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for pitied

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Article Example
More to Be Pitied Than Scorned More to Be Pitied Than Scorned is a lost 1922 silent film melodrama starring Alice Lake and Rosemary Theby. It was directed by Edward LeSaint and produced by Harry Cohn.
Nicomachean Ethics Chapter 1 distinguishes actions chosen as relevant to virtue, and whether actions are to be blamed, forgiven, or even pitied.
Pity A person experiencing pity will experience a combination of intense sorrow and mercy for the person or creature, often giving the pitied some kind of aid, physical help, and/or financial assistance. Although pity may be confused with compassion, empathy, commiseration, condolence or sympathy, pity is different from all of these. Nietzsche pointed out that since all people to some degree value self-esteem and self-worth, pity can negatively affect any situation. Additionally, pity may actually be psychologically harmful to the pitied: Self-pity and depression can sometimes be the result of the power imbalance fostered by pity, sometimes with extremely negative psychological and psycho-social consequences for the pitied party.
Preta Generally, however, pretas are seen as beings to be pitied. Thus, in some Buddhist monasteries, monks leave offerings of food, money, or flowers to them before meals.
Gnaeus Arrius Antoninus Antoninus was a friend and correspondent to Roman Senator and historian Pliny the Younger. The Augustan History describes him as a "‘righteous person"', and he pitied Nerva when he became Roman Emperor in 96.
Laodamia (Wordsworth) In an earlier version Laodamia is more pitied than condemned. Later the ethics of the poem seemed to require her punishment. The present ending, adopted in 1845, is a kind of compromise.
Auriga (constellation) Occasionally, Auriga is seen not as the Charioteer but as Bellerophon, the mortal rider of Pegasus who dared to approach Mount Olympus. In this version of the tale, Jupiter pitied Bellerophon for his foolishness and placed him in the stars.
Amanush (2010 film) Ria's father is angered on learning about her love. He shuts her up and prevents her from contacting anyone. But Vinod comes and meets her on the pretext of getting some old clothes for himself to wear. Pitied by Vinod, her father allows him. But Vinod uses the chance and escapes with Ria. He convinces her that she will meet Aditya.
Barangaroo His final mention of Barangaroo in the text is to describe how the Aboriginal women were treated with what he described as "savage barbarity", and that Bennelong would strike Barangaroo with blows and kicks and "every other mark of brutality". He also says that Barangaroo was not pitied as a result of this, as she was "a scold and a vixen".
Polyphème Act 2: Galatée describes Polyphème's disturbing behaviour to Acis, who expresses his dislike of Polyphème. Galatée says he is to be pitied. The lovers canoodle together. Lycas tries to get the lovers to play with him, but they fob him off.