Top 10 similar words or synonyms for pigeonnier

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for pigeonnier

Article Example
Dovecote Québec City, Canada, has a pigeonnier that stands in a square in Old Québec; the Pigeonnier is also the name of the square itself and is where street artists present their shows.
Dovecote In France, it was called a "colombier" or "fuie" from the 13th century onwards and "pigeonnier" until the 19th century.
Avusy The municipality of Avusy consists of the sub-sections or villages of Le Château, Les Creux-du-Loup, Le Pigeonnier, Les Gravières and Le Renfort.
Parlange Plantation House There is an octagonal pigeonnier near the house. The home was once surrounded by a formal garden, but the garden was destroyed during the Civil War.
Evergreen Plantation (Wallace, Louisiana) Among the outbuildings are a "garconnière", where young bachelors of the family or guests could stay; a "pigeonnier" for keeping pigeons (a sign of status among the planters); an overseer's cottage; and late 19th century barns.
Magnolia Mound Plantation House Pigeonnier - A small pigeon house or dovecote, c.1825, typical of French Creole plantations, was used to house squab and various game birds. Today it again houses a collection of live pigeons.
Uncle Sam Plantation Among the most unusual features of the plantation were two matching pigeonnier (dovecote) towers set to the north and south of the main house in the rear yard. These hexagonal structures were also built of brick and stood high. They were used for raising pigeons for eggs and squab.
Whitney Plantation Historic District The French Creole raised-style main house built in 1803 is the most important architectural example in the state. In addition, the plantation has numerous extant outbuildings or dependencies: a "pigeonnier", a plantation store, the only surviving French Creole barn in Louisiana, and slave quarters. The complex includes three archaeological sites which have had varying degrees of exploration.
Dovecote The French word for dovecote is "pigeonnier" or . In some French provinces, especially Normandy, the dovecotes were built of wood in a very stylized way. Stone was the other popular building material for these old dovecotes. These stone structures were usually built in circular, square and occasionally octagonal form. Some of the medieval French abbeys had very large stone dovecotes on their grounds.
Château Lagrézette Perrin has also brought the vineyard, which is the oldest vineyard in southwest France, back into production, working with oenologist and consultant Michel Rolland and soil microbiologist Claude Bourguignon to produce wine from the Malbec grape variety. The Château Lagrézette wine "Le Pigeonnier" (100% Malbec) was voted as one of the best 100 wines by "Wine Spectator" magazine in 2005.