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Cochinita pibil The puerco pibil is a recurring element of the movie "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" directed by Robert Rodriguez, where it is the favorite food of a CIA agent played by Johnny Depp, who orders this dish every time he enters a Mexican restaurant and urges every person he has lunch with to taste it. He will go as far as killing a cook because his puerco pibil is "too good". Robert Rodriguez also includes a recipe for puerco pibil and demonstrates how to prepare it in the special features section of the DVD.
Cochinita pibil Cochinita pibil (also puerco pibil or cochinita con achiote) is a traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish from the Yucatán Península . Preparation of traditional cochinita or puerco pibil involves marinating the meat in strongly acidic citrus juice, seasoning it with annatto seed which imparts a vivid burnt orange color, and roasting the meat while it is wrapped in banana leaf.
Cochinita pibil The origin of the word "pibil" is unclear as to whether it comes from the Mayan noun for roasting or the verb 'to roast' as these are the same word "pib".
Cochinita pibil Traditionally, cochinita pibil was buried in a pit with a fire at the bottom to roast it.
Cochinita pibil "Cochinita" means baby pig, so true cochinita pibil involves roasting a whole suckling pig. Alternatively, pork shoulder (butt roast), or pork loin is used in many recipes. The high acid content of the marinade and the slow cooking time tenderizes the meat, allowing otherwise tough pieces of meat to be used. The Yucatecan recipes always employ the juice of Seville or bitter oranges for marinating. In areas where bitter oranges are not common, juice of sweet oranges combined with lemons, limes, or vinegar are employed to approximate the effect of the bitter orange on the meat. Another important ingredient in all pibil recipes is achiote (annatto), which gives the dish its characteristic color and adds to flavor.
Cochinita pibil It is usually eaten with side dishes such as: corn tortillas, red pickled onion, refried black beans and habanero chilies.
Mexican cuisine Street food in the area usually consists of Cochinita Pibil Tacos, Lebanese-based Kibbeh, Shawarma Tacos, snacks made from hardened corn dough called piedras, and fruit-flavored ices.
Mexican cuisine Recado rojo is used for the area’s best-known dish, cochinita pibil. Pibil refers to the cooking method (from the Mayan word "p'ib", meaning "buried") in which foods are wrapped, generally in banana leaves, and cooked in a pit oven. Various meats are cooked this way. Habaneros are another distinctive ingredient, but they are generally served as (or part of) condiments on the side rather than integrated into the dishes.
Pebre In Mexico they also use a similar sauce called pico de gallo with tacos of cochinita pibil or other preparations. Pico de gallo is also made with onion, coriander and tomato.
Banana leaf Mexican, and more specifically Oaxacan tamales and a local variety of lamb or barbacoa tacos are often steamed in banana leaves. Banana leaves are used for wrapping pork in the traditional Yucatán dish Cochinita pibil.