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rehabilitative    0.755241

physiotherapy    0.746093

ambulating    0.652137

ambulant    0.632717

physiotherapists    0.628242

bedrest    0.625085

craniosacral    0.619435

podiatry    0.615640

kegel    0.611824

neurorehabilitation    0.611750

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for physiotherapeutic

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CEU Cardinal Herrera University Physiotherapeutic Care Master in Physical Activity and Sport,
Erb's palsy Neonatal/pediatric neurosurgery is often required for avulsion fracture repair. Lesions may heal over time and function return. Physiotherapeutic care is often required to regain muscle usage.
Pauls Stradiņš Stradiņš' wife, Ņina Stradiņa (née Malysheva, 1897–1991), was one of the pioneers of physiotherapeutic treatment in Latvia. They had four children:
Luhansk State University of Internal Affairs Besides it, dormitory complex includes modern dining hall that seats 1000 people, 3 dormitories for 1650 cadets, medical center with well equipped physiotherapeutic, ENT facilities, dental clinic and isolation ward.
Dispokinesis The certified Dispokinesis-teachers, resp. therapists (worldwide approx. 200) have all completed a professional musical formation, a year of mandatory individual preparation as well as the part-time Dispokinesis formation of two, resp. three years. Dispokinesis-therapists have additionally gone through medical or psychological studies or physiotherapeutic training.
Sarah Nile She is very fluent in three languages (Italian, Spanish and French), she has a degree in physiotherapeutic massages, Sarah Nile likes to practice extreme sports like skydiving and from her father Ivan Nile (a native of Brussels) she has inherited the passion for two wheels (the motorbike), a sport she cultivates since the age of 12.
Asthma Manual therapies, including osteopathic, chiropractic, physiotherapeutic and respiratory therapeutic maneuvers, have insufficient evidence to support their use in treating asthma. The Buteyko breathing technique for controlling hyperventilation may result in a reduction in medication use; however, the technique does not have any effect on lung function. Thus an expert panel felt that evidence was insufficient to support its use.
Bangladesh Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma Victims BRCT formally opened the Zero Pain Movement on 30 March 2006 at BRCT. It is a revolutionary social movement to bring basic physiotherapeutic principles and prevention awareness to the masses. With the Zero Pain Movement, BRCT in conjunction with IPRR (Institute of Physiotherapy Rehabilitation and Research) will use physiotherapy as a key tool to reduce the pain and sufferings of the general public, especially those who are involved in daily manual labour where the pain becomes chronic.
Groz-Beckert In September 2013 Groz-Beckert inaugurated its Health and Education Center (GEBIZ) at its headquarters in Albstadt. Besides the day care center "Kita Malesfelsen" and the private elementary school "Grundschule Malesfelsen", the GEBIZ also includes the "Vitalzentrum Malesfelsen", a health center for its employees. It provides a prevention and training area with an attached wellness and relaxation room. In addition to that, the vital center includes a public physiotherapeutic office.
Miles J. Breuer During World War I Miles Breuer served for twenty months in France as a first lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps. Rejoining his father's medical practice after the war, Breuer contributed frequent medical articles to Czech-language newspapers, as well as a monthly health column in the country's largest Czech-language agricultural monthly. In 1925 he published a handbook called "Index of Physiotherapeutic Technic", cataloging a variety of methods for physical therapy. Breuer suffered a nervous breakdown in December 1942, and shortly afterwards moved to Los Angeles, where he continued his medical practice until 1945, when he died after a brief illness.