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Philip Colfox At the 1922 general election, he was returned to the House of Commons as MP for Dorset West with a majority of 4,548. Between 1922-3 he was Assistant Government Whip.
Philip Colfox Lieutenant-Colonel Sir William Philip Colfox, 1st Baronet, PC, MC, DL, JP (25 February 1888 – 8 November 1966) was an English soldier, farmer and Conservative Party politician.
Philip Colfox He was a Unitarian worshipping in the Chapel in Bridport built by his ancestor Thomas Collins Colfox in 1797. In Bridport, he continued to teach children Mathematics and Classics and was Chairman of the Governors of the Colfox School, so-named in honour of his father who had given the land and refounded the previous Unitarian grammar school.
Philip Colfox Colfoxes had been on the Bridport Bench as magistrates continually since the 15th century. On one occasion Sir Philip, Lady Colfox (and her brother, Jack Bullen) heard a misdemeanour offence against the couple's son charged by the police for the road traffic offence of leaving mud on a public road - which he freely admitted. John was defended by his brother-in-law. His father, mother and uncle found him not guilty and awarded costs against the police. This made local press but only in inside pages in 1950.
Philip Colfox Secretary (unpaid) to Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Pensions (George Tryon) and in 1921 Private Secretary (unpaid) to Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies (Hon EFL Wood - Lord Halifax).
Philip Colfox In 1923 and 1924, he held the seat as a Unionist (majorities 3,013 and 6,662)and outspoken backbencher and from 1925 as a Conservative Unionist.
Philip Colfox During World War II, he ran the West Dorset Home Guard as Lt Col. An inspection by the War Office recorded that he ran it in a most independent fashion. Mary, Lady Colfox recalled that he was irritated by this inspection saying: "What do they know about running a war in London?"
Philip Colfox Six hundred years after Sir Nicholas Colfox (on the instructions of Richard II and his feudal lord, the Duke of Norfolk) was involved in the murder of the King's uncle, Thomas of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester (1397), Sir Philip had returned Colfoxs to the national scene. Sir Nicholas was pardoned by King Henry IV in 1404.
Philip Colfox Colfox's family had a long connection with Symondsbury, Bridport. The family is first mentioned in the town records in 1280. In 1357 Peter Colfox was commissioned by Edward III to rebuild Marshwood Castle, sold by Colfox's brother-in-law in the early 20th Century. In 1394, Sir William Colfox, Vicar of Chilthorne Dommer near Yeovil, witnessed an Inquisition relating to part of the Manor of Symondsbury which Sir William Philip Colfox inherited in 1924.
Philip Colfox In 1920, he married Mary Frances Bullen (1892–1973), the daughter of John Bullen Symes Bullen of Catherston, Charmouth Dorset. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters: Thomas Andrew (1922–1936), (William) John (2nd Bart) (1924–2014), Susan Frances (1929–), and Bridget Alice (1931–2016).