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Pescado frito Pescado frito is also consumed as a delicacy in inland Spain, being very common in the inland Andalusian provinces of Seville and Cordoba. It is also very common throughout the Mediterranean Basin and is found in Provence and Roussillon, France and in the coastal regions of Italy (where the most common variant using salt cod fillets is known as "filetto di baccalà") and Greece (where various fish like Mediterranean sand smelt, European anchovy, cod, common sole, greater amberjack and picarel are used). It was also eaten by the Romans in ancient Rome.
Pescado frito There is a general belief that pescado frito was possibly an inspiration for the English fish and chips, brought to England by Spanish Jews; Sephardim began to settle in England in small numbers in the 16th century, and in larger numbers after Oliver Cromwell lifted the formal ban in the 1650s.
Pescado frito It is also a traditional Shabbat fish dish (usually cod) originating amongst the 16th century Andalusian Jews of Spain and Portugal. The deep-frying of the fish in vegetable oil makes it crisp and light even when eaten cold, and it is a favourite dish for the late breakfast or lunch after synagogue services on Saturday morning.
Pescado Rabioso Although labeled under the band's name due to legal terms with his record company, Pescado Rabioso's final album "Artaud" is actually a complete solo effort from Spinetta.
Pescado Rabioso Pescado Rabioso (Rabid Fish) was a band or musical enterprise of Argentine musician Luis Alberto Spinetta from 1971 to 1973. In spite of its short life, it is still considered an important piece of Argentine rock history. It was the second major band for Spinetta, created after Almendra's break up in late 1960s and a seven-months trip through Brazil, United States and Europe.
Pescado frito Pescado frito (literally, "fried fish" in Spanish and Judeo-Spanish), also called Pescaíto frito (literally "fried little fish" in Andalusian dialect), is a traditional dish from the Southern coast of Spain, typically found in Andalusia, but also in Catalonia, Valencia, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands.
Pescado frito It is made by coating the fish (usually a white fish) in flour and deep-frying it in olive oil, then sprinkling it with salt as the only seasoning. It is usually served hot, freshly fried, and can be eaten as an appetizer (for example with a beer or wine), or as the main course. Usually, it is served with fresh lemon, which is squeezed over the fish or occasionally in escabeche.
Pescado River The Pescado River (Spanish, "Río Pescado") is a river of Argentina. It is a tributary of the Bermejo River.
Mixmole de pescado The mixmole de pescado is a dish of Mexican cuisine. It consists in a combination of fried fish, chopped chards, epazote and nopalitos, boiled in a green sauce, which is made with green tomatoes, chili peppers and garlic, and fried in oil. The fried fish is added at the end to avoid tearing it.
Isla del Pescado Isla del Pescado, Isla de los Pescadores or Cujiri is a hilly and rocky outcrop of land in the middle of Salar de Uyuni – a salt flat situated in the Daniel Campos Province, Tahua Municipality, Caquena Canton, Bolivia.