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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for persistable

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Doctrine (PHP) Entities in Doctrine 2 are lightweight PHP Objects that contain persistable properties. A persistable property is an instance variable of the entity that is saved into and retrieved from the database by Doctrine’s data mapping capabilities via the Entity Manager - an implementation of the data mapper pattern:
ObjectDB All the persistable types of JPA and JDO are supported by ObjectDB, including user defined entity classes, user defined embeddable classes, standard Java collections, basic data types (primitive values, wrapper values, String, Date, Time, Timestamp) and any other serializable classes.
ObjectDB ObjectDB automatic schema evolution handles most changes to classes transparently, including adding and removing of persistent fields, changing types of persistent fields, and modifying class hierarchy. Renaming persistable classes and persistent fields is also supported.
ImpressCMS . Major changes were done to the core of the system, hence the longer development time. This version introduced the ImpressCMS Persistable Framework (IPF) in the core, the ‘Content’ core module was transformed into a stand-alone module, and the installation system had a substantial refresh. On the visual side a new theme was introduced, featuring an AJAX redirect for system messages.
Active record pattern The Ruby library ActiveRecord implements ORM. It creates a persistable domain model from business objects and database tables, where logic and data are presented as a unified package. ActiveRecord adds inheritance and associations to the pattern above, solving two substantial limitations of that pattern. A set of macros acts as a domain language for the latter, and the Single Table Inheritance pattern is integrated for the former; thus, ActiveRecord increases the functionality of the active record pattern approach to database interaction. ActiveRecord is the default ‘model’ component of the model-view-controller web-application framework Ruby on Rails, and is also a stand-alone ORM package for other Ruby applications. In both forms, it was conceived of by David Heinemeier Hansson, and has been improved upon by a number of contributors.